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Dragon Ball Z: Sagas Game Cheats: Boss Walkthroughs!

The Dragon Ball Z warriors are back in Atari's Dragon Ball Z: Sagas video game for the Playstation 2, Gamecube and Xbox. It's the first game to let you and a buddy battle through the DBZ story as a team but, without a few game cheats and tips the bosses can stomp all over you! So, straight from Cheat Street, we have boss battle tips and walkthroughs for bad guys like Raditz, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell and more!

Dragon Ball Z: Sagas Boss Battle Game Cheats

Here are the bosses, and how to knock 'em silly!


  • The best way to beat Raditz is to block his attacks until he unleashes a combo on you, then slam him with a basic combo of your own. While he's on the ground picking up his teeth, nail him with a Kamehameha then back up and recharge your KI while he recovers. Keep this up and he's toast!


  • You can beat Nappa the same way you beat Raditz - block, combo, Kamehameha! If you've bought the Teleport special move, wait 'til he starts charging a blast, teleport behind him and give him a wedgie!


  • This guy gets tricky because he uses energy blasts, not combos. The best way to beat him is to block his attacks and wait for him to start charging an energy blast. Then, Teleport next to him and smack him around something fierce.


  • Bad news - he's strong as heck! Good news - he's slow like peanut butter. When this DBZ goon starts into a move like powering up, dashing around or his jumping stomp combo, Teleport next to him, unleash a combo on him then blast him while he's on the ground!

Burter and Jeice

  • This is a two-on-one battle so it gets tricky. If Jeice charges you, Teleport behind him, combo him to the ground and blast him for some easy damage. Burter is just like Recoome - slow. If he starts charging a blast do the Teleport-thumpy-thumpy thing to him. Watch out for the combo KI Blast Vortex move these two can do! If they use it, fly around to dodge the blasts.

Captain Ginyu

  • This guy can dig through the ground and unleash a fierce uppercut on the way back out. When he goes underground, get into the air and wait for him to come back up. As soon as he does, Teleport next to him, whallop him with a combo and blast him with a Kamehamea while he's down.

Ginyu as Goku with Jeice

  • If he does the Kamehameha blast at you, dodge it then Teleport and combo him. If he tries to clobber you, block like crazy then combo him right back. Oh, and watch out for Jeice's random blasts. You can't hurt Jeice though, so just dodge them and ignore him.

Frieza and Frieza Transformation 1

  • The problem here is that Frieza can't be beaten. Isn't that fun? All you can do is block, dodge and keep yourself from being turned into Saiyan peanut butter until Piccolo arrives. Frieza's life bar shows you how long you have to wait. Once Freiza transforms, you can't dodge his blasts, block them instead.

Frieza vs. Super Saiyan!

  • Remember when you couldn't hurt Frieza? Well, now you're a Super Saiyan and you can squish the little freak! The classic Teleport, combo, Kamehameha is your best bet. Just make sure you beat him before your Super-Saiyan meter runs out or you're in deep trouble.


  • This guy is a basic battle. Block his attacks, combo him and Kamehameha him if you knock him down. Watch out for his special blast and summon moves though - if he stops to do one, Teleport next to him and clobber him!

More Dragon Ball Z: Sagas Boss Walkthroughs!

The DBZ: Sagas boss walkthroughs for the Androids and Cell are right here!

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What Hit Goku?

  • An Explosion attack!
  • A triple bean burrito fart!
  • A Kamehameha blast!
  • A mysterious energy blast!

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