Gran Turismo 3:A-spec :: PS2 Game Review

God's gift to car games is back.
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It's dark, it's raining, these drivers are NUTZ!
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Holy high-speed chase Batman! This game takes everything good about racing games and serves it up with a side of fries and extra-large Coke. The Gran Turismo series is the most hardcore series of racing games in the history of everything. It's all about lap after lap of the best racing action with tons of tracks, hundreds of cars and more trophies to win than even a T-Rex could carry. The latest addition to the series, Gran Turismo 3:A-spec from Sony, takes everything you could ever do in a car, adds in the ability to do more and delivers it to you in a shiny plastic wrapper.

Gran Turismo 3:A-spec Game Highlights

Games should never be this pretty. Once you look at the cars in this game you'll start thinking that the real things look fake. Everything is super smooth, totally sharp and the details like lights, rain, fog, smoke and reflection are perfect.

101 Reasons to Love Gran Turismo 3:A-spec

Combine the super-hot graphics with rocking, thumpin', super-charged sounds and you'll be doing the happy dance of joy in no time flat. You'll be hittin' the tracks and chillin' with tunes from Papa Roach, Jimi Hendrix, Motley Crue, Lenny Kravitz, a custom tune from Snoop Doggy Dog and more big-name bands than you can shake a stickshift at.

Gran Turismo 3:A-spec Game Details

Playing the game rocks as hard as the tunes. They've ditched the pooper-scooper cars from Gran Turismo 2 and gone straight for the big boys. You'll be able to drive cars that only Bill Gates can afford and you won't have to be a super-nerd to get them. You can hit the tracks in arcade mode for some quick fun, go for the hardcore simulation mode or if you're feeling mondo loco you can even go for a spin in some oldschool Formula 1 cars. The sim mode lets you tinker with your car like you wouldn't believe. You can rebuild it from the ground up, tweak the smallest details or just boost up the power until it's more rocket than car.

Gran Turismo 3:A-spec Wants YOU

Get this game. Play this game. Worship this game. It's the biggest, baddest, best thing to happen to the Playstation 2 since you plugged it into your TV.

How Hard Is Gran Turismo 3:A-spec?

There's so much you can do it'll take you an hour or two to learn the controls. Then, get ready for some harsh competition.

Gran Turismo 3:A-spec Age Rating:

Gran Turismo 3:A-spec Thumbs Up:

  • Smoking graphics.
  • Rippin' tunes.
  • C-c-cars galore!

  • Gran Turismo 3:A-spec Thumbs Down:

  • Sim mode is super-complex.
  • Why bother with a real car?

  • Gran Turismo 3:A-spec Game Rating:

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    What Does Gran Turismo Mean?

    • Fast car.
    • Really fast car.
    • Great Turtle.
    • The-Best-Racing-Game-In-The-World.

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