Death Jr. Root of Evil :: Wii Game Preview

Does accidentally creating a horde of mutant plant monsters count as going green? Check out this exclusive Death Jr. preview video and decide!
Courtesy of Eidos

Death Jr., the Grim Reaper's son and DJ to his [kwlink]friends[/kwlink], has a problem. Not only is he grounded, he just created a horde of mutant plant monsters and they're gonna do what monsters do - go on a murderous rampage! The upcoming Death Jr. Root of Evil game for the Nintendo Wii takes the action of the original PSP game and drops it onto a big TV screen. It lets you join DJ and his friends Pandora, The Seep, Smith and Weston, Stigmartha and, of course, Dead Guppy as they try to save the day (and not get [kwlink]grounded[/kwlink] again...)

Plants, Poultry and... Evil!

Mutant plants, foul fowl, Death on break and a pile of excitement! Check out the Death Jr. Root of Evil game trailer - just click to download the video!
  • Death Jr. Root of Evil - Game Trailer - .mov file (100MB)
  • Video of the Dead

    This video preview hooks up with DJ and [kwlink]friends[/kwlink] as they have a panicked meeting about the plant [kwlink]monster horde[/kwlink]. It's pretty cool, although The Seep is one rude, crude dude so younger kids might want to skip this video.
  • Death Jr. Root of Evil - Preview Video - .mov file (265MB)
  • Death Jr. Root of Evil - Preview Video(small) - .mov file (24MB)
  • Pictures!

    Take a look at the game in action with these preview pictures:

    Join Death Jr. and his friends as they battle the plant monsters!
    Join Death Jr. and his friends as they battle the plant monsters!
    Join Death Jr. and his friends as they battle the plant monsters!
    Join Death Jr. and his friends as they battle the plant monsters!

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