Hulk, Monsterpocalypse, Nancy Drew, KFP and Magi-Nation!

Hulk Smash... Iron Man?

The [kwlink]Incredible Hulk's[/kwlink] new video game is coming in June 2008 and we have two sweet previews for you. First is an awesome picture that shows the Hulk and the Abomination about to bust heads. It also has [kwlink]Iron Man[/kwlink] rolling in for some superhero smackdown all styled up in his [kwlink]Hulkbuster[/kwlink] suit. Sweet! Think it'll be in the movie? Here it is, click on the picture for a bigger version.

The Incredible Hulk, the Abomination and Iron Man!

Hulk goodness part two is the new video of the Hulk going all smashy on... well, everything. Click the link for the video download!

  • Incredible Hulk - Game Video - .mov file (170MB)
  • More Smashing!

    Nothing says "Time to move to a new city!" like massive mutant monsters tearing city blocks apart in their quest for [kwlink]snacks![/kwlink] The Monsterpocalypse collectible miniatures board game puts you in command of a giant beast, or even a [kwlink]robot defender[/kwlink], and lets you wreak havoc as you clobber your opponent's monster. Not only that, you get a bunch of military units to help you mix stuff up. And, each game is different because you build the city from tiles at the start of each game. It arrives August 2008, but check out these pictures and stay tuned for more info!

    Smash cities and battle with giant monsters in Monsterpocalypse!
    Smash cities and battle with giant monsters in Monsterpocalypse!

    Mystery in Venice

    World-famous investigator, [kwlink]Nancy Drew[/kwlink], is back on the case as she heads to Venice to track down the masked perpetrator behind a series of thefts. She'll need your help to go undercover, sell flowers to get cash for new costumes and more! Here's the trailer, click the link for some spine-tingling video.
  • Nancy Drew - Game Trailer - .wmv file (1MB)
  • Awesome Alert!

    Gary just scored some serious time with the upcoming [kwlink]Kung Fu Panda[/kwlink] video game, based on the animated movie that arrives June 2008! For the 411 on the first three levels, power-ups and playing as [kwlink]Angelina Jolie's[/kwlink] character, Master Tigress, hit these links.
  • [kwlink]Click Here[/kwlink] for Level One: Po's Dream.
  • [kwlink]Click Here[/kwlink] for Level Two: Tournament of the Dragon Warrior.
  • [kwlink]Click Here[/kwlink] for Level Three: Level Zero and game tips!
  • Tune in Your Tube for Free Online Codes!

    The Magi-Nation: Battle for the Moonlands online game lets you become a [kwlink]fantasy hero[/kwlink], battle monsters and summon creatures as you explore the world. And, if you have a TV, you can score free pre-paid game cards by tuning in to the Kids' WB! on the CW on May 17, 2008 between 7 AM and noon. While you watch, secret codes will pop up that you can use to get your name in a draw. 10,000 lucky winners will get $5 of in-game cash you can use to buy bonus power-ups!

    What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • May. 13 - Deca Sports for Wii.
  • May. 13 - Drone Tactics for DS.
  • May. 13 - Myst for DS.
  • May. 13 - Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure for PS2.
  • May. 13 - We Ski for Wii.
  • May. 15 - Rocketmen: It Came From Uranus for PS3 and Xbox 360.
  • May. 15 - The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian for DS, PC, Xbox 360.
  • May. 19 - Dr. Mario Online Rx for Wii.
  • May. 19 - Major League Eating: The Game for Wii.
  • May. 19 - UEFA Euro 2008 for PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360.
  • May. 19 - Wii Fit for Wii.
  • May. 19 - World of Goo for Wii.
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    What Created The Incredible Hulk?

    • It was gamma radiation, duh!
    • He's a time traveler from the future.
    • Genetic experimentation made him!
    • Eating too much junk food did it to him.

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