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Defend [kwlink]Middle Earth[/kwlink] against the wrath of Sauron, or destroy it with the forces of Mount Doom - the choice is yours in Lord of the Rings Conquest. Check out our game preview!

The newest title in the Lord of the Rings franchise has just been announced by Electronic Arts & Pandemic Studios; the publisher and developer pair are ramping up for a November 2008 release in what could be a monumental episode for fans of the LOTR universe in such a large scale that finally - FINALLY - fans will be able to truly experience shock and awe in battles such as that during the charge of the Rohirrim on [kwlink]Pelennor Fields[/kwlink]!!!

Teaser Pics

Lord of the Rings Conquest comes to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Nintendo DS in November 2008
Lord of the Rings Conquest comes to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Nintendo DS in November 2008
Lord of the Rings Conquest comes to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Nintendo DS in November 2008
Lord of the Rings Conquest comes to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Nintendo DS in November 2008
Lord of the Rings Conquest comes to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Nintendo DS in November 2008

Cave Trolls, Ents and Mumakil Oh My!

Even Balrog and Sauron himself join the action when you're able to control the majority of characters and creatures in the books and films as they fight on foot with blades, bows and [kwlink]magic[/kwlink] through the epic battles on famous battlefields like Pelennor Fields, [kwlink]Moria[/kwlink] and Weathertop. But there's more, mounted combat and even commandeering Trebuchets and Catapults that can wreak havoc on your enemies' ranks!

The single-player campaign has two story arcs (good vs. evil) to follow: the well known one, but also the "what if" storyline of Sauron finally achieving possession of "The One Ring". If you're a fan of the story you may be able to guess some of the "good" campaign's epic battles however if playing the "evil" story, can you imagine the likes of playing as an Oliphaunt at the battle of [kwlink]Minas Tirith[/kwlink]? How about fighting as a Cave Troll at [kwlink]Helm's Deep[/kwlink] as the horde breaks through the fortress' gates? Even the Nazgul join the carnage as they fight against Aragorn at Weathertop. Best of all, Sauron exerts his dark power in Rivendell. These scenarios alone will answer many rabid fans pleas to the universe.

The Last Alliance

Several [kwlink]multiplayer[/kwlink] game types are set to provide even more replay value with both online and offline modes. Offline players will have access to 4 player local Co-Op via the 4-way split screen system. The Campaign action doesn't stop there however, if you're online the Co-Op still allows you to play through the entire [kwlink]story[/kwlink] with three other players. Also online, the versus multiplayer modes pit up to 16 players against each other in epic scenarios (details on the exact game types haven't yet been released.
Lord of the Rings Conquest ships November 2008 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Nintendo DS.

That's it for the Lord of the Rings Conquest preview this week. Trust us, we know; it's going to be a long summer waiting for this one, but come back in early November and we'll have a full review for your viewing pleasure!

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