Buddy-Up For A Tune

Janet and Michael SCREAMED together!
Courtesy of Virgin Records.
Gwen partnered with Moby and Eve (not together.)
Courtesy of Fox.
Britney and Justin are a team in real life and soon on a song.
Courtesy of Jive.
Buddy-Up For A Tune - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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What's better than a song by your fave artist? How about a song by TWO of your fave artists. Find out who sang with Janet, who's gonna sing with Britney and how to record a duet with a ghost.

What's better than a cool song by your favorite artist? How about a cool song by TWO of your fave artists. Duets aren't anything new - musicians have been teamin' up on tunes since before your parents were born. Here are some duets ya might know and love, and some other ones to check out.


Newer Duets

Gwen Stefani could be called Miss Duet having teamed up with Eve and Moby for a couple of very cool songs. Gwen and Eve recorded the mega-hit, Let Me Blow Ya Mind. The rapper/rocker combo is a great idea and the song is really unique. Gwen also shared the mic with Moby on his song Southside. Moby sang solo on the original version but it was the Gwen duet that people requested on the radio. I wonder if Gwen will ever do a duet with that yummy boyfriend of hers, Gavin Rossdale of Bush?


Brother and Sister Duet

Moonwalker, Michael Jackson, asked his sister Janet to lend her voice on his song Scream. The song turned into one of the coolest dance duets ever - with an out-of-this-world futuristic video to back it up.


Old-Skool Duet

Aerosmith originally recorded Walk This Way on their own but in the 80s they hooked up with pioneer rappers, Run DMC for a kick-butt remake that's still popular today.


How'd-they-do-that Duets?

With the help of computers and previously recorded material, today's singers can do a duet with an artist that has died. It's a neat idea that would have been impossible without technology. In 1991, soul singer Natalie Cole recorded Unforgettable with her dad, Nat King Cole, who died in 1965. Her vocals were mixed with parts of the song he had recorded before his death (duh.) This is the same technology the three remaining Beatles used to record some newer songs, and still have John Lennon's voice in the mix. The Doors also used it to do another song with their lead singer, Jim Morrison, after he died. I wonder if Elvis will be making any new tunes in the future?


Upcoming Duets

The big duet that tons of people are dying to hear is the upcoming match of Britney Spears and her man Justin Timberlake. It's not gonna be a sappy love song like Jessica Simpson and (then-beau) Nick Lachey did. No way! Word is, it's gonna be a high-energy dance track. I wonder if they'll be lockin' lips in the video?

Another duet to keep an eye out for is P. Diddy's recording with rocker David Bowie. They're doing a new version of Bowie's song This Is Not America, but there's no word yet when this track will be out.


The Duet That Wasn't Meant to Be

For whatever reason, Madonna and Britney never ventured into the studio together, even though rumors said they would. No great loss, I don't think it would have made it into the "cool duets" category.

Know of any artists who teamed up on a duet that you loved or hated? If so, drop us a line and why it's cool or why it's drool.

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    Which Twosome Tune Is Your Fave?

    • Let Me Blow Ya Mind - Eve & Gwen.
    • Walk This Way - Aerosmith & Run DMC.
    • Scream - Michael & Janet Jackson.

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    ONE DIRECTION ALL THE WAY!! One Direction are amazing role models for guys and girls. Justin is an idiot(sorry guys).
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