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If you’ve ever wanted to be an underwater [kwlink]photographer[/kwlink], now you can explore the possibilities with Sierra Online’s new game Sea Life Safari. Take the whole family on an exploration into the deep blue as you capture photos of amazing marine wildlife! [kwlink]Dive in[/kwlink] and check out our game preview!


You’ve got to become an expert [kwlink]deep sea [/kwlink]photographer; and to do this you’ll be swimming after over sixty different marine species through detailed 3D environments: [kwlink]coral reefs[/kwlink], ship [kwlink]graveyards[/kwlink], and even the mysterious abysmal deep. When your subjects are found, throw bubbles at them (or even glow sticks in the deepest, darkest depths!) to catch the animals attention just before capturing their often amusing reactions on film! Each photo is added to a growing collection in your own personal scrapbook! (Remember: throwing things at animals in real life is NOT a good idea!)

Photography 101

An interactive step by step tutorial teaches you how to become a great photographer. You’ll learn various techniques and how they increase the value of your pictures; subject size, orientation, centering, and interactions all play a role in capturing the perfect image. The learning isn’t just limited to [kwlink]photography[/kwlink] though; by playing through the game you’ll learn to identify by sight and be able to name many marine species that none of your friends have even seen before! If you’re interested in Zoology (the study of animals) this game is a great introduction for you or any budding [kwlink]marine biologist[/kwlink] in the family!

Sshh…it’s a secret

The more you play the more you find hidden [kwlink]treasures[/kwlink]. Thorough explorers will find hidden treasures: [kwlink]secret locations[/kwlink], rare items, and encounter special creatures that only appear at day or night. The longer you play and explore, the more you find. This means you get more value in terms of replayability (more bang for your buck!)

Preview Pictures

Sea Life Safari comes to XBox 360!
Sea Life Safari comes to XBox 360!
Sea Life Safari comes to XBox 360!
Sea Life Safari comes to XBox 360!
Sea Life Safari comes to XBox 360!
Sea Life Safari comes to XBox 360!
Sea Life Safari comes to XBox 360!
Sea Life Safari comes to XBox 360!
Sea Life Safari comes to XBox 360!
Sea Life Safari comes to XBox 360!


Sea Life Safari crossword puzzle!
Sea Life Safari crossword puzzle!
Sea Life Safari puffer puzzle!!
Sea Life Safari comes to XBox 360!
Sea Life Safari comes to XBox 360!
Cubecraft! Make your own Puffer Fish!
Cubecraft! Make your own Puffer Fish! This file version has less cutting required.

That's it for the Sea Life Safari preview this week. Come back next week for even more game news! Don't forget, if have any comments, and let him know!

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