Jake - Jake - CD Review

Introducing... Jake!
Introducing... Jake!
Jake - Jake - CD Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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Ever heard of Jake? No, not the kid in your class - the band. Whether you know the name or not, chances are you've heard some tunes from their first CD on the radio. It's pretty slammin'.

(Reunion Records) 2000

Ever heard of Jake? No, not the kid in your class - the band. Whether you know the name or not, chances are you've heard some tunes from their first CD on the radio. It's pretty slammin'. On their debut CD, Jake, the three brothers - Toby, Marty and Josh Penner - sing about love, relationships and their beliefs.

Don't get the wrong idea, it's not a collection of sappy love songs or religious hymns. It's very poppy, with a lot of acoustic guitar action, but I wouldn't file Jake's CD under boy bands. The guys voices go together like peanut butter and jelly - which may have something to do with the whole brother thing, and did I mention Josh and Marty are twins?

You may recognize the groovy song Let Me Know and the flamenco-laced, romantic guitars of Take My Heart Away, which are both spinning on North American pop radio. Take My Heart Away is a stand-out tune. It's kinda like Soul Decision doing a tango with Enrique Iglesias. There's some great bass slappin' on Don't Want To Lose which should make for another winning track. The biggest problem with this album is it's so happy-go-lucky that after a while, I was aching for a downer track.

If you like acoustic guitars and happy pop tunes, then check out the CD by these three cuties. They may be a three-man-band but don't confuse Jake with B4-4 or even Hanson. Their style is definitely distinct.

For more on the cuties of Jake, check out their official site.


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