The Ultimate Nature Pack Book Review

There's nuthin' like wood lice.
Courtesy of Raincoast Books.
The Ultimate Nature Pack Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Ever wanted to turn your sister into a fish? Well Dexter, now with the amazing Ultimate Nature Pack you too can have a top-secret home laboratory. You may never have to go to school again.

Ever wanted to turn your sister into a halibut? Well Dexter, now with the amazing Ultimate Nature Pack you too can have a top-secret home laboratory. Unfortunately, you can't alter the molecular structure of Poptarts or create giant raging dust bunnies. But you can make a compost heap (yes, I know you've already started that under your bed), test for pollution, monitor your heartbeat and record animal tracks. If this is starting to sound like Mother Nature's crime lab, fear not, Nature Lab also contains sections on collecting worms and wood lice. Yum!

And the great thing is you don't have to rifle through mom's make-up kit anymore for your dissection tools cause the kit comes with tweezers, magnifying glass, petri dish, the works. Face it, you may never have to go to school again. And once you've conquered nature the rest of the world will be yours! (insert diabolical laughter here). As an intro to the world of creepy crawlies up-close-and-personal, Nature Lab is a roller coaster in a beaker.

*Dee Dee not included.

Ultimate Nature Pack Rating: 5

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    What Would You Slice and Dice?

    • I would dissect a worm.
    • I would dissect wood lice.
    • I would dissect those nasty chicken nuggets from fast food places - what's in that anyway?

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