Hello Kitty Daily Preview

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Hey Girls!!! Who said the Nintendo DS is just for boys? Now you can turn your world [kwlink]pink[/kwlink] with Hello Kitty Daily – the super personal assistant style PDA program for [kwlink] this handheld console[/kwlink], which used to only played games and puzzles. Practical? Yes. [kwlink]Trendy?[/kwlink] Yes. User Friendly? Of course! This is a gem for back-to-school must haves! Check out the features and sweet deets in this preview!

Game Features

  • Alarm Clock: A girl’s gotta know when to get to class!
  • Calculator: Do you have enough for those new shoes?
  • Schedule: Plan out classes and other important activities.
  • Profile: It’s all about you.
  • Budget: Keep track of daily finances.
  • Help: What does this button do?
  • Diary: Keep Out! It’s private.
  • Friend Directory: A contact book to keep track of all your friends; never miss another birthday!
  • Notepad: An easy and quick way to take notes.

  • Organize your life in style with the adorable characters from Hello Kitty, known around the world! This little pink gem is exclusively on the [kwlink]Nintendo DS[/kwlink], you won’t see it anywhere else and it hits shelves in North America in [kwlink]October 2008[/kwlink]. Don’t miss out, you know your girlfriends are gonna grab it!

    We've Got Pics!

    Hello Kitty comes to Nintendo DS!
    Hello Kitty comes to Nintendo DS!
    Hello Kitty comes to Nintendo DS!
    Hello Kitty comes to Nintendo DS!
    Hello Kitty comes to Nintendo DS!
    Hello Kitty comes to Nintendo DS!
    Hello Kitty comes to Nintendo DS!
    Hello Kitty comes to Nintendo DS!
    Hello Kitty comes to Nintendo DS!
    Hello Kitty comes to Nintendo DS!

    That's it for this preview. Keep checking back as we get closer to the release date and you never know what else you'll find!

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    What Are Hello Kitty's Parents' Names?

    • Bob and Jane.
    • George and Mary.
    • Sam and Sara.
    • Harry and Martha.

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