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If you’re a [kwlink]LEGO[/kwlink] fan, prepare for the next evolutionary step, LEGO Universe! The LEGO Group has teamed up with the game development wizards at NetDevil to create a massive online experience designed to bring players the same kind of creativity but on a scale never before seen with the colorful building blocks. Imagine creating an entire universe out of [kwlink]LEGO[/kwlink] bricks!

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Design your own [kwlink]LEGO[/kwlink] minifigure with hundreds of options for customization. Then take your minifigure through creative adventures in evolving virtual worlds; jump, run, bounce, build and quest along the lego-brick roads. These aren’t static virtual worlds mind you, you can build [kwlink]LEGO[/kwlink] worlds on your own or with other players can constantly change and grow with your game experience. There are stacks of ways to bring your [kwlink]LEGO[/kwlink] world to life! Not only are these changing [kwlink]LEGO[/kwlink] worlds places to be creative and build with friends but they can also be enjoyed with other players and fans across the Earth. Explore with [kwlink]LEGO[/kwlink] fans in China, build with friends in Australia, there’s really no limit to who can join the safe online [kwlink]LEGO[/kwlink] playground.


But of course! How would you like to discover the secrets behind the origin of the [kwlink]LEGO[/kwlink] Universe and its resident minifigures? Now you can! Team up with other minifigures to complete quests throughout the lands and uncover new areas, characters, building features, and creative challenges. How you build your story in [kwlink]LEGO[/kwlink] Universe depends on how you play; you’ll earn more bricks by exploring, completing challenges, conquering enemies, gathering resources, discovering treasures and unlocking well-hidden secrets. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to make your own building blocks! We can’t say too much about this feature right now but check back and we might have some new insights. [kwlink]LEGO[/kwlink] Universe will also feature popular past and present sets, themes and characters, but expect to see brand new figures and storylines as well! We can’t give too much away but you’ll also be able to create your own original characters!


Because this game is designed for children and [kwlink]LEGO[/kwlink] fans alike, it will feature a wide variety of safe ways for players to communicate with each other, but without compromising online safety. Parents are able to custom set game controls to allow for various levels of in-game player communication. Closer to launch we’ll add updates on exactly what these features include. Parents wanted to learn more about the game and its safety policy can re-route to this link:

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