Monster Lab Exclusive Character Profile :: Senor De La Sombra

We have a Kidzworld-only look at another mad scientist from the upcoming Monster Lab! Click here to meet Senor De La Sombra and discover the secrets behind the mysterious sorcerer.
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In a world of [kwlink]hideous monsters[/kwlink] ruled over by the evil Baron Mharti, you're the hero with the skills to save the day. Jumping into the [kwlink]Monster Lab[/kwlink] game for DS and Wii will let you create the greatest science project ever - your own [kwlink]monsters[/kwlink] to send into battle! But you aren't alone -- a group of [kwlink]friendly[/kwlink] (if slightly crazy) [kwlink]scientists[/kwlink] are getting together to help you in your mission to explore the world, discover rare monster parts and complete exciting quests. Here's an exclusive look at one of your allies - Senor De La Sombra!

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Build monsters and battle the villains or your friends in Monster Lab's online multiplayer!
Build monsters and battle the villains or your friends in Monster Lab's online multiplayer!
Build monsters and battle the villains or your friends in Monster Lab's online multiplayer!
Build monsters and battle the villains or your friends in Monster Lab's online multiplayer!

Senor De La Sombra Exclusive Profile

Tall and thin with a goatee and a great big cloak that hides his feet so it looks like he's floating around, Senor De La Sombra is more of a [kwlink]magician[/kwlink] or an [kwlink]alchemist[/kwlink] than a scientist. And, he is the master of summoning and mystical potions so he pretty much is. To keep himself looking cool and spooky, Senor De La Sombra busts out the [kwlink]guyliner[/kwlink] and does the whole "I'm dark and mysterious!" thing - unfortunately he messes it up a lot and spends a lot of time looking like a dork. If he was better at sharing his secrets of sorcery with you to help battle Baron Mharti, that wouldn't be such a big deal. Unfortunately, he's not big on sharing so you'll have to work hard to get any info from the guy.

Yeesh! With help like this... well, good luck beating Baron Mharti - you'll need to be a master monster maker if you want to save the day!

That's it for this exclusive character profile; keep checking back as we get closer to game launch and you never know what else you'll find!

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