Horton Hears a Who DVD Review

Courtesy of Fox
Courtesy of Fox
Horton Hears a Who DVD Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Jan 13, 2009
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

When Horton (voiced by Jim Carey) hears a tiny voice calling out from a speck on a clover, he realizes the clover is home to a whole civilization of tiny people called Whos. Horton proclaims himself the protector of Whoville, but his friends have their do

When Horton the elephant(voiced by Jim Carey) hears a tiny voice calling out from a speck on a clover, he realizes the clover is home to a whole civilization of tiny people called Whos. Horton proclaims himself the protector of Whoville, but his friends have their doubts and Kangeroo—a nosy purple nuisance—doesn’t help his cause.

Nosy Neighbors

Kangeroo rallies the jungle animals against Horton, claiming that if you can’t see, hear or feel something, that it just doesn’t exist. Since Horton is the only one with ears big enough to hear the Whos, he has more than a little trouble convincing his jungle neighbors that the speck is worth saving, and when Kangeroo hires a purple, vampiric vulture to do her dirty work, Horton must risk tusk and nail to keep the clover (and Whoville) safe.

Whoville Hangs in the Balance

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Whoville (Steve Carrell) has trouble of his own. He’s the father of 96 daughters but it’s his first-born son, JoJo, who’s destined to become the next mayor of Whoville—but JoJo is unenthusiastic about joining the family legacy. On top of that, the other elected officials think he’s silly, and since nothing has ever gone wrong in Whoville, the Mayor’s not the most popular guy when he brings them the bad news that their whole world is balancing on a clover.

From Page to Screen

Horton Hears a Who is about faith and perspective: maybe the Who’s aren’t small, maybe Horton is just big! The movie is based on the famous Dr. Suess book—a special feature on the bonus DVD details the story’s transformation from the page to the screen. There’s also a great bonus on Katie Elephant in the Room—Jim Carey makes some crazy faces while voice recording—and Bringing the Characters to Life, where animators take you behind in the scenes in the animation studio. You might want to skip the Ice Age short, Surviving Sid. It looks pretty, but it’s lacking in story and jokes.

Horton Hears Who DVD Rating: 4

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Maia2cute4u wrote:

love it
commented: Sat Feb 23, 2013

I've watched one of my favourite movies Cool
commented: Thu Feb 21, 2013

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