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2009 Chinese Horoscopes

Find out what your Chinese horoscope animal is in for this year!

Rat (1996, 2008)

You’re intelligent, hardworking and ambitious, but you’re not that great at making plans for the future, so make that a goal for this year. Your best matches are dragons and monkeys. Your element is water and your lucky number is 6.

Ox (1997, 2009)

You’re patient and strong, but you can be stubborn, too! This year, try lightening up a bit – everyone needs to laugh at themselves once in a while! Your best matches are roosters and snakes. Your element is water and your lucky number is 8.

Tiger (1986, 1998)

You’re adventurous, confident and very enthusiastic. Since your used to things going your way, you’re not very good at dealing with problems when they do happen. This year, make it your goal to be a better problem-solver. Your best matches are dogs and horses. Your element is wood and your lucky numbers are 1 and 3.

Rabbit (1987, 1999)

You’re sensitive, creative and very lucky! You’ve got a great nose for a bargain! You’re also a good listener, but you can be a bit of a dreamer, too. In 2009, try being more in touch with reality. Your best matches are rams and pigs. Your element is wood and your lucky numbers are 3 and 4.

Dragon (1988, 2000)

You’re confident, honest and energetic. You’re a natural-born leader, but because you aren’t always completely honest with yourself and others, you tend to get into trouble with people. This year, start telling only the truth, and try sticking closer to a regular routine, too. Your best matches are rabbits and monkeys. Your element is wood and your lucky number is 9.

Snake (1989, 2001)

You’re so smart! You’re also really good at making guesses about things, which means you don’t often need to take advice from others. You’re also a really reliable friend and have a great sense of humour – but you can be a bit tight with cash. Remember, saving is important, but splurging for special occasions is OK, too! Your best matches are oxen and roosters. Your element is fire and your lucky numbers are 3 and 9.

Horse (1990, 2002)

You work hard and play hard, too. Easygoing and calm, it takes a lot to get you angry… but if you do get mad, watch out! Try putting some water on that hot temper of yours this year! Your best matches are tigers and dogs. Your element is fire and your lucky numbers are 3 and 9.

Ram (1991, 2003)

Ram, sheep, goat… whatever you call yourself, you’re gentle, caring and compassionate. You bring a sense of peace to every situation you wander into. But your tendency to wander off-subject and lose your focus are points to work on this year. Your best matches are rabbits and pigs. Your element is fire and your lucky numbers are 8 and 9.

Monkey (1992, 2004)

You’re cheeky, charming and mischievous. Your smarts and naughty nature tend to get you in trouble – but you’re usually able to talk your way out of it! You don’t tell the truth often enough though, so people have a hard time trusting you. Try sticking with the old saying “Honesty is the best policy” in 2009. Your best matches are dragons and rats. Your element is metal and your lucky numbers are 6 and 8.

Rooster (1993, 2005)

You’re extremely organized and a hard worker, too. But you tend to come off as showy and arrogant – you’re great, but try not to blow your own horn too often this year! Your best matches are oxen and snakes. Your element is metal and your lucky numbers are 6 and 8.

Dog (1994, 2006)

You’re loyal, brave and caring – just like your four-legged BFF. You tend to worry a lot about the world’s problems; this year, start doing something about it and volunteer for a good cause! Your best matches are tigers and horses. Your element is metal and your lucky number is 8.

Pig (1995, 2007)

You love good company and nice clothes. You’re quick to lose your temper, but you usually calm down pretty fast – or, at least, you’ll try working on that this year! Your best matches are rabbits and rams. Your element is water and your lucky numbers are 6 and 7.

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    • Rams (Aries) 'cause they're so tough.
    • Pisces 'cause that's my sign.
    • Gemini 'cause there's two of 'em.
    • Sagittarrius 'cause they're hilarious.

    Dear Dish-It In The Forums

    labimba posted in Style:
    Neko girl I have to get back in shape for September if u want we can be training buddies!  :)  
    reply about 4 hours
    animallover468 posted in Style:
    EndlessDream is right. Skipping breakfast and lunch can result in stomach ulcers and sudden weight gain (had personal experience...), ESPECIALLY skipping breakfast! You have to incorporate exercise in your daily routine. Stomach and body fat is mostly caused by lack of exercise, and maybe that means you need to do toning exercises. Try doing simple exercise videos like the 3-mile powerwalk on YouTube (trust me, I sweat like crazy when I do those workouts). Anything that gets you sweating, is the kind of exercise you need to do.  I hated working out when I first started my weight loss journey too. I would always start wheezing every time I started working out. But after pushing through everyday, I think working out is one of the best stress busters I've ever had!  If you want to lower your appetite though, I suggest eating a full lunch and breakfast and skipping your dinner. If you can't skip dinner, then at least try aiming for an early dinner, around 5:30 or 6:00. Your body needs time to digest at least 4 hours before you sleep. I started gaining weight around puberty when I was 12, it could be the same for you too.  But honestly, there's nothing wrong with having consciousness about your weight. Now starving yourself and dieting is BAD, but there's nothing wrong with changing your lifestyle in order to be fit. It's a good thing that kids start caring about their health, and the earlier you start, the better off you are. 
    reply about 5 hours
    EndlessDream posted in Style:
    You need breakfast and lunch. Starving yourself, even if you aren't hungry, makes you loose energy to the point you could pass out from not eating. Keep your diet healthy. For breakfast, at least have yogurt, fruit, and juice. Drink at least 4 full glasses of water a day. Trim down on the snacks. Everyone has different bodies and build. You may just be large-boned. And that's not bad! That makes you stronger and higher ability to gain muscle. Loosing weight doesn't happen over night. It can take months. 
    reply about 23 hours
    Nekogirl101 posted in Style:
    For years my parents would tell me I'm skinny but compared to other people, my waist was bigger and I would always hide it. Though it was obvious I weighed more, I've only been doing this for a week and I didn't ever tell anyone what I was doing until my parents found out. I would skip lunch and breakfast and say I was full. I only ate a big dinner every night. Once my parents found out, they said it was unhealthy and if I didn't  stop, I would develop an eating disorder. I obviously listened to them, but I've tried as best as I can so far. I have barely lost any weight from exercise and my parents won't let me go on a diet because I already 'eat healthy enough'. I want to lose weight without exercising being 3/4s of my lifestyle. I know, I'm a lazy idiot for saying all this.
    reply about 24 hours
    Yes, purely for the fact that you should not "hate" your sister (or anyone, for that matter).  I'm guessing by "get in trouble for her", you mean she does something wrong and the blame is all put on you? Yeah, little siblings tend to do that a lot. My brother did for the longest time, until my parents found out how much a liar he is. She, hopefully, will grow out of this eventually. Either that, or your parent[s]/guardian[s] will eventually see through her. You lose your friends to her? By this do you mean your friends want to hang out with her and they want you to tag along and you don't? Or do you mean your friends chose your sister over you? If it's the latter, then perhaps you shouldn't have ever referred to those people as friends. You'll find friends who'll prefer you over your sister, I'm sure of it. The only thing I can tell you to do is try to get along with your sister. Every group of siblings has their cats and dogs moment in life, but they grow out of it (most of the time; there are, of course, circumstances where it doesn't work out that way). Please be grateful for your sister, even if you two fight a lot. You never know how much you need something until it's gone.
    reply 2 days