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2009 Chinese Horoscopes

Find out what your Chinese horoscope animal is in for this year!

Rat (1996, 2008)

You’re intelligent, hardworking and ambitious, but you’re not that great at making plans for the future, so make that a goal for this year. Your best matches are dragons and monkeys. Your element is water and your lucky number is 6.

Ox (1997, 2009)

You’re patient and strong, but you can be stubborn, too! This year, try lightening up a bit – everyone needs to laugh at themselves once in a while! Your best matches are roosters and snakes. Your element is water and your lucky number is 8.

Tiger (1986, 1998)

You’re adventurous, confident and very enthusiastic. Since your used to things going your way, you’re not very good at dealing with problems when they do happen. This year, make it your goal to be a better problem-solver. Your best matches are dogs and horses. Your element is wood and your lucky numbers are 1 and 3.

Rabbit (1987, 1999)

You’re sensitive, creative and very lucky! You’ve got a great nose for a bargain! You’re also a good listener, but you can be a bit of a dreamer, too. In 2009, try being more in touch with reality. Your best matches are rams and pigs. Your element is wood and your lucky numbers are 3 and 4.

Dragon (1988, 2000)

You’re confident, honest and energetic. You’re a natural-born leader, but because you aren’t always completely honest with yourself and others, you tend to get into trouble with people. This year, start telling only the truth, and try sticking closer to a regular routine, too. Your best matches are rabbits and monkeys. Your element is wood and your lucky number is 9.

Snake (1989, 2001)

You’re so smart! You’re also really good at making guesses about things, which means you don’t often need to take advice from others. You’re also a really reliable friend and have a great sense of humour – but you can be a bit tight with cash. Remember, saving is important, but splurging for special occasions is OK, too! Your best matches are oxen and roosters. Your element is fire and your lucky numbers are 3 and 9.

Horse (1990, 2002)

You work hard and play hard, too. Easygoing and calm, it takes a lot to get you angry… but if you do get mad, watch out! Try putting some water on that hot temper of yours this year! Your best matches are tigers and dogs. Your element is fire and your lucky numbers are 3 and 9.

Ram (1991, 2003)

Ram, sheep, goat… whatever you call yourself, you’re gentle, caring and compassionate. You bring a sense of peace to every situation you wander into. But your tendency to wander off-subject and lose your focus are points to work on this year. Your best matches are rabbits and pigs. Your element is fire and your lucky numbers are 8 and 9.

Monkey (1992, 2004)

You’re cheeky, charming and mischievous. Your smarts and naughty nature tend to get you in trouble – but you’re usually able to talk your way out of it! You don’t tell the truth often enough though, so people have a hard time trusting you. Try sticking with the old saying “Honesty is the best policy” in 2009. Your best matches are dragons and rats. Your element is metal and your lucky numbers are 6 and 8.

Rooster (1993, 2005)

You’re extremely organized and a hard worker, too. But you tend to come off as showy and arrogant – you’re great, but try not to blow your own horn too often this year! Your best matches are oxen and snakes. Your element is metal and your lucky numbers are 6 and 8.

Dog (1994, 2006)

You’re loyal, brave and caring – just like your four-legged BFF. You tend to worry a lot about the world’s problems; this year, start doing something about it and volunteer for a good cause! Your best matches are tigers and horses. Your element is metal and your lucky number is 8.

Pig (1995, 2007)

You love good company and nice clothes. You’re quick to lose your temper, but you usually calm down pretty fast – or, at least, you’ll try working on that this year! Your best matches are rabbits and rams. Your element is water and your lucky numbers are 6 and 7.

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    • Pisces 'cause that's my sign.
    • Gemini 'cause there's two of 'em.
    • Sagittarrius 'cause they're hilarious.

    Dear Dish-It In The Forums

    partydiva01 posted in Friends:
    Dear dish it, my friend first met eachother on the first day of kindergarten we sat next to one another and we became close. we were BFF's throughout 1st to 2nd grades. then, the second grade teacher realized there were alot of kids in the class. and same w the 3rd grade teacher. so, we had to have a split class. my friend was in the split. I was not. It all seemed like the teachers were doing somthing... weired. all the girls (well, almost there were only 6 girls on one half) were in the split. and all the boys were in regular . AND YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE WAS WEIRED! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( all the boy BFF's and the girl BFF's were SPLIT. me and my friend,kids named Nia & Georgia, Isaac& Ethan, and more. it was so sad for all of us.2 months later, I got homschooled. 2 years later im back in public with my 4th grade self. everything had changed. a bunch of people were obsessed w\ a girl my age named kassidy. im neighbors w\ kassidy and she is REALLY cool and nice. but the whole I  [s:sm3/1jw1] kassidy crew got mean. if I asked them to play they would say. "If Kassidy is playing I will" or I would want to be parteners with kassidy on something and they would freak out. anyway jasmine NEVER invited my to anything, and I am trying to be nice to her ( ice cream money, homework help, comfort when sad, ect.) And not to mention I invited her to 3 things!!! on the bright side she came to 2 :thumbsup :thumbsup she also embarassed me by saying that she was moving I freaked out  because I cared about her and I would cry all the time. I even held onto her and said sadly, "PLEASE DON'T GO!!  :sad :sad . later i found out that she was not moving, she was going to CA for a vacation. even the teacher was in on it!! :mad :mad anyways, my parents told me that i should just let go of her. But i am not ready. HELP??? :e :e :e :e :e
    reply 3 days
    When I was a child I wanted glasses SOO bad, cuz I wanted to copy my mom and sister. And also, I thought they looked cool. I wear glasses now. I have had them for 2 years and honestly I don't mind them. Although, this year I am gonna pry get contacts for swimming better and stuff like that. But if you don't need glasses I wouldn't recommend wearing them. They're not bad, but trust me after a while you will pry not like them as much. But hey, that's my opinion. If you want to do it I'm not gonna stop you. Do what makes you happy in the long run. And tell your friends that they are non prescription if you don't need them, but still get some.
    reply 4 days
    She is not. I have faced this problem before so I know. You should make a new friend!
    reply 4 days
    ValenciaRose posted in Friends:
    I agree I was afraid of that first too. Eventually I just began inviting my friends over and they don't use it/practically obsess over it like I do but they understood why I use kidzworld and not many other forms of social media. 
    reply 4 days
    ValenciaRose posted in Friends:
    "btw_sports_rule" wrote:I really like a guy and people think he likes me. I like him but im really scared to tell anyone. I really need help but i don't know who to talk to. I can't talk to parents. They would put me in trouble for falling in love. They believe I can't date until age 20. Aw, well, my advice for you would be to talk to your parents about it. There's no point trying to sneak around like those films and it is better for your mind if you talk to them about it. It can be super difficult I know but if you and your parents get along really well then you guys can talk about it and make it work. On the other hand, if your parents ban you from falling in love as you put it, then I think it's better just to stay as friends with him. 
    reply 4 days