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Mary Poppins DVD Review

Mary Poppins DVD Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Mar 09, 2009
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Celebrate the 45th anniversary of the timeless Disney classic, Mary Poppins! Julie Andrews stars as a magical nanny who serves a spoonful of sugar to a family of unhappy children in this winner of 5 Academy Awards.

Celebrate the 45th anniversary of the timeless Disney classic, Mary Poppins! Julie Andrews stars as a magical nanny who serves a spoonful of sugar to a family of unhappy children in this winner of 5 Academy Awards. You’ll find yourself humming the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious songs for days!

Nice Nanny Needed!

When the Banks family’s nanny quits, the business-minded Mr. Banks writes up an ad for an authoritarian replacement nanny, but Jane and Michael have a different idea. They write their own ad that asks for a kind-hearted, caring nanny, but Mr. Banks tears it up and throws it in the fireplace. Lucky for the children, Mr. Banks doesn’t notice when the note gets caught by a gust of wind and flies up and out of the chimney. Mary Poppins and her umbrella fly into London to answer the children’s ad and put things right with the unhappy family.

Cutting Edge Animation

When Mary Poppins was first released in 1964, the combination of animation and live action footage dazzled audiences who’d never seen anything like it before. You’ll wish you lived in a world where you can dance with animated penguin waiters (with bowties!) and cute, cartoon bluebirds will flit to your fingertips at the sound of a whistle. Imagine drawing with chalk on the sidewalk and being able to jump into the picture you drew!

DVD Special Features

Go behind the scenes with some super rare footage and see how the Mary Poppins books were transformed for the movie and for the stage. Make sure you don’t miss a previously unheard song that didn’t make it into the movie called Chimpanzoo—it’s a funny tune about rowdy kids who get thrown in a zoo! There’s also a new animated adventure that’s hosted by Julie Andrews, called The Cat That Looked At A King that’s based on a story by Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers.

Mary Poppins DVD Rating: 4

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