Kidz Kurrentz April 6-10, 2009

What’s happening in the world this week – with a Kidzworld spin!
News and events for April 6-10, 2009.

  • Space : Space Undies :: Japanese Astronaut Tests His Drawers In Orbit

  • World : Pirate Ploy :: Real-Life Pirates Take American Captain Hostage

  • Politics : Bo Obama :: President And His Family Get New Puppy

  • Animals : Buster's Sweet Tooth :: Chocolate Makes Dog Sick

  • Sports : NHL Playoffs :: Top Five Players To Watch

  • Stars : Hannah Montana :: Movie Review

  • Advice : Dear Dish-It :: I Made My Friend Mad

  • If you didn't catch last week's edition of Kids Kurrents, check it out here!


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    We all know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governator... er, governor of California but what is the capital of that state?
    • Los Angeles.
    • San Diego.
    • Sacramento.
    • San Francisco.

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