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Kidz Kurrentz April 13-17, 2009

What’s happening in the world this week – with a Kidzworld spin!
News and events for April 13-17, 2009.

  • Space : Meteor-Right :: An Asteroid Could Help Save The earth

  • World : Afghan Quakes :: Cleaning Up After Two Fatal Tremors

  • Tech : Sharing Shutdown :: Techies Get Jailed

  • Animals : Zoo Roo :: Tijana The Orphaned Baby Kangaroo

  • Sports : Boardercross :: Next Generation Racing For Gold

  • Stars : Spectacular! :: Exclusive Video Clip

  • Advice : Dear Dish-It :: He Won't Leave Me Alone

  • If you didn't catch last week's edition of Kids Kurrents, check it out here!


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    Tomboy_ posted in Say Anything:
    ....Y u steal skittles bruh?
    reply 11 minutes
    Eri-Prime posted in Say Anything:
    WOW! How did you get a GIF for your profile pic?
    reply 13 minutes
    "unicornswillrulethew" wrote: your profile picture is beautiful I agree :3
    reply 17 minutes
    Eri-Prime posted in Say Anything:
    I like yours too! :)
    reply about 1 hour
    your profile picture is beautiful
    reply about 1 hour