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Littlest Pet Shop Online Preview

New from the EA Play Label is Littlest Pet Shop Online, an innovative, beautifully designed, safe online entertainment and community destination for girls based on the globally popular Littlest Pet Shop brand. The web-based Littlest Pet Shop Online world is a girl’s gateway to fun and exciting online games and tons of activities, tools to customize and play with her favorite Littlest Pet Shop pets, and daily events to connect with friends and make new ones too. Littlest Pet Shop Online is a fun online community that stretches the imagination and allows girls to enter the coolest Littlest Pet Shop Online world ever.

Littlest Pet Shop Online will be available online this Fall as a free to play flash-based game, with access to additional features with subscription.

Check out the trailer of the all new Littlest Pet Shop Online Game and a few screenshots from the Online world!


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