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Decorate Your Locker
How To Decorate Your Locker

Dear Dish-It,

I don’t know how I should decorate my locker; it’s long and skinny.


Dear MCG,

Good question! Next to decorating your bedroom, decorating your school locker is a great way to express your individuality and personality. Choosing colours, themes and patterns for your locker shows the world what you like and how you express your creativity.

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Girls seem to decorate their lockers more than boys. They put up pictures of celebrities, pets, friends and boyfriends. Boys tend to see a more functional and practical use for their locker: what better place to keep stinky gym socks and old cheese sandwiches?

In the same way that each of us is different, every locker is a unique expression and celebration of that difference. Here are some tips on how to go about decorating your locker this year.

1. Before you go nuts with the decoration, does your school have a locker decorating policy? Some schools are more open to your personal expression than others, so check to see what the rules at your school allow.

2. Inside your locker, though, things are different; the world is yours. Choose a favorite theme, such as: music, movies, sports, beach, party, pink, space, super heroes, hockey, skating, boarding, humour, 4-H, mice and motorcycles.

3. Pick the colors or materials that you want use for the background, like: wallpaper, painted canvas, fabrics, acrylic paint, wrapping paper, aluminum paper, mirror faux fur and neon.

4. You'll need accessories: magnets, stickies, tape, ribbons, dried leaves, pieces of fabric, glue, scissors, and 3-D postcards.

5. Items to hang on your locker walls: wooden frames, mirrors, day planner, calendar, clock, pictures, photo collages, cell phone holder.

6. Clean the locker inside. First take all your stuff out and do some cleaning before you start to apply your chosen decoration. Anything that's mouldy or leaves a bad smell has to go.

7. Above all, have fun!

Tell us how you’re planning to decorate your school locker this year in the forums >>

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    QTpie14 wrote:

    i just put up anything im into at that moment, like 1D and mah Friends
    commented: Tue Sep 03, 2013


    JennyD wrote:

    Im not allowed to decorate my locker
    commented: Wed Aug 28, 2013


    colleenaw wrote:

    can't wait till i get a locker to decorate
    commented: Thu Aug 22, 2013

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