Spyborgs Exclusive Character Profile - Bouncer

Kidzworld has the exclusive character reveal for Bouncer, a character from the upcoming game Spyborgs! Spyborgs hits stores Tuesday, September 22nd!

Created by the teen genius, Voxel, Bouncer is a combat machine with a heart and acts as Voxel's eyes and ears on the battlefield. Bouncer never hesitates, although he is outfitted with the latest in robotic technology, he prefers to use his massive mechanical fists to crush all enemies. Direct and typically silent, the robot is fiercely loyal to his teammates and creator. When any one of them is in trouble, Bouncer rushes to their aid with speed usually not seen in a robot of his size.


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Check out this exclusive character profile from the upcoming game, Spyborgs!

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He lies about everything.
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ahem I never said they don't :P she doesn't assume things :D
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He actually thinks that girls rock!
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