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Survivor 4 Marquesas - Episode 10

Survivor 4 Marquesas - Episode 10 - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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The CBS reality TV show Survivor Marquesas, Episode 10 has Robert DeCanio winning the Immunity Challenge, Paschal English winning the Reward Challenge and Tammy Leitner getting voted out.

With only nine days left on the Marquesas island, the survivors are cranky and hungry. Tammy and The General are fighting for their lives, Neleh is annoying everyone and Paschal shows the world that he's not a wimp.

1Soliantu: Sean Rector, Vecepia Towery, Neleh Dennis, Paschal English, Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, Tammy Leitner and Robert DeCanio.


Reward Challenge:

It's sink and swim for this episode of Survivor. Starting from a floating dock, the seven tribe members have to swim to the ocean floor and bring up one of the six shells placed there. The member who doesn't get a shell is eliminated. In round one, Vecepia doesn't even try to go for a shell. Guess the birthday girl (it was her birthday that day) thinks she should get a shell as a present or something. In the next round, there are five shells and six tribe members. Eventually, when there are only four tribe members left (Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, Paschal English, Robert DeCanio and Tammy Leitner,) the goal is to bring a 40 pound rock from the bottom of the ocean to Jeff Probst on the shore. In an amazing feat of energy and sheer will, Pappy leaves them all behind and scores the reward - a day on a cruise ship. He's allowed to bring another tribe mate and, of course, picks his lil' girl, Neleh Dennis. The two shower, get clean clothes and feast - bringing nothing but a used candy home for the other members to share.


Immunity Challenge:

The Immunity Challlenge on Survivor takes place at night this time and involves making a fire with a flint and some steel, which will heat oil and pop popcorn. After that they have to transfer their flame to a tower and the first person to light the top of their tower wins. Tammy struggles through this challenge, along with a lot of the others. Vecepia and Robert are neck-and-neck but The General wins. Robert says he'll try to save Tammy's butt, but he doesn't really do anything. Although you hear people toying with the idea of axing Neleh (who has become way annoying since her trip to the cruise ship) Sean, Vecepia, Neleh, Kathy and Paschal all stick with booting Tammy.


High Points:

  • Paschal kicking butt and winning the Reward Challenge.
  • Sean and Vecepia sharing a friendly moment on her birthday.


    Low Points:

  • Neleh not wanting to get dirty after her shower on the cruise ship.
  • Neleh and Pappy not bringing any food back for the gang except a breath mint Neleh had actually sucked on. Yuck!


    Survivor Saying of the Week:

    "You are offering seven starving adults a piece of candy out of your mouth. That's like saying, anyone want a piece of doo-doo!" - Robert The General DeCanio.

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    Is Neleh's Sweetness an Act?

    • No, I think she's really a sweetheart.
    • Yes, she's playing 'em - especially Pappy.
    • I think she's a nice girl but playing that up.
    • She's annoying sweet or not!

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