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MTV's The Osbournes :: Reality TV

Everybody's talking about The Osbournes - the off-the-wall family of rock star Ozzy Osbourne. Their reality-based TV show is a huge hit for MTV. The show, which stars Ozzy Osbourne, his wife and manager Sharon, their 17 year-old daughter Kelly and 16 year-old son Jack, follows the daily ins and outs of the rocker's family.

The Osbournes are joined by their Australian nanny, Melinda, a bunch of dogs and friends of Kelly and Jack who're always droppin' in. If you're just catchin' on to the craziest family on television - take a crash course on The Osbournes here.

Ozzy Osbourne

You're probably wondering who this old rocker is and why MTV would do a reality show on his family. Most likely you've heard of the legendary Ozzfest - the hard rock festival with tons of bands plus, the legendary Ozzy Osbourne. It's his tour and Ozzy used to be the lead singer of the metal band, Black Sabbath, who is tagged by many as the first metal band. So basically the guy is a legend and tons of bands look up to him as the guy who started the heavy metal scene. That's why people wanna glimpse of his daily life with his family. Who wouldn't want to see Ozzy (the guy who reportedly bit the heads off bats at his '80s rock shows) embarrass his kids by walking around in his underwear when they have friends over?

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne has three jobs. She's Ozzy's wife (that's gotta count as about 10 jobs,) his manager and she's a mom too. Ozzy says Sharon's a major workaholic who only sleeps about four hours a night. Sharon speaks her mind with no holding back, even when she's talking to her kids. She's also been known to embarrass Kelly and Jack by flashing their friends. Yikes! She's a very eccentric lady - duh, she's married to Ozzy - who loves her kids a ton and tries to teach them "the right way."

Kelly Osbourne

Ozzy's spiky-haired daughter Kelly, likes The Strokes and wants to live in New York when she gets a little older. 17 year-old Kelly enjoys hangin' with her friends and going to clubs. Kelly Osbourne hates math but she digs science and history. She's not a troublemaker but when it comes to her curfew she doesn't always obey mom and dad.

Jack Osbourne

16 year-old Jack Osbourne is really into music (surprise,) especially Tool. According to his 'rents, Jack has Tool cranked morning, noon and night. Both Jack and Kelly are home-schooled by their mom but when Jack's not studying, he works for Epic Records three times a week as a talent scout. Jack wears black-rimmed glasses and a lot of black clothing. He realizes that some people want to be his friend because of who his dad is. Jack has no urge to move out from the Osbourne home anytime soon.

The Four-legged Furry Osbournes

They don't live in a barn, but the Osbournes have more pets than you'd find in a barn. Their family of dogs is made up of Maggie, a Japanese Chin, an adorable bulldog named Lola, another Japanese Chin named New Baby and Minnie, a Pomeranian. They also have another Pomeranian named Pipi who belongs to Ozzy and their oldest daughter Aimee (who chose not to participate in the show.) Pipi was the famous lost dog who was returned safely by Regis' co-host, Kelly Ripa. And the last furry Osbourne member is Martin, a one year-old Chihuahua (like the dog in the Taco Bell ads.) Ay Chihuahua!

Ok, I Love the show THE OSBOURNES. It is like my fave show in the world! And yes I do wish they would adopt me b/c I think their family is soooo cool! My fave Osbourne is SHARON b/c she is funny and just cracks me up. She is always tryin' to get OZZY to try somthin' - like when she got OZZY to taste that Listerine strip or when she told KELLY that she was going to get a boob job. KELLY said she would never speak to her again. Yeah, I loved tht one!!! Well I gtg - see ya'll.

Kidz Submit By:

Nickname: ILuvShrn EthlMae
Age: 14

I love the Osbournes. They are my favourite family. I have seen every episode! I dream every night that they would adopt me b/c their family is SO cool! My fave Osbourne would hafta be Jack cuz he's a cutie..and he's really funny. Like the time he told Melinda about throwing rocks at the other kids on his camping trip. I loved that one. Jack is so CUTE..ahh LOL Well g2g cya Peace.

Kidz Submit By:

Nickname: iLuVjAcKoSbOuRnE
Age: 15

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    • Kelly cuz I do diff things with my hair & make-up.
    • Sharon cuz she's crazy!
    • Jack cuz I like to do my own thing.
    • Ozzy cuz I like to rock out on my guitar

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