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SimAnimals Africa Game Review

SimAnimals Africa Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Oct 28, 2009
( Rating: 3 Star Rating)

Never been to Africa before? No problem! SimAnimals Africa lets you experience a world far removed from the North American woodlands you got to explore in the last SimAnimals game release: an African safari!

Release Date: October 27, 2009
Publisher: EA
Platforms: Nintendo DS and Wii
Rating: E

Never been to Africa before? No problem! With the release of SimAnimals Africa for Nintendo DS and Wii, you’ll be able to experience a world far removed from the North American woodlands you got to explore in the last SimAnimals game release: an African safari!

Kidzworld Review

SimAnimals Africa lets you take control of exotic animals and try to restore balance to parts of the natural landscape that have dried up or died. How do you know what areas you need to restore? Easy. You ask the Totem Gods. And how exactly do you get a wild animal like a zebra, gazelle or crocodile to do your bidding? Simple. You pet it, play with it and make it your friend, as well as play various mini games to help strengthen different attributes in your animals, like strength or charisma You can tell what qualities different animals possess simply by looking at the markings on their hides.

Animal Rights

Different animals in the game do different things to help bring nature back to life again. For example, elephants can water the ground and plants with their trunks. Rhinos can dig up the ground in search of water holes. Zebras can knock down unruly plants and weeds. And lions and crocs can keep all the other animals in check and in balance. Call it population control.

Video: Game Trailer


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