Clash Of The Titans Movie Review

Clash Of The Titans Movie Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Apr 04, 2010
( Rating: 3 Star Rating)

Perseus may be half-god, but he’s chosen to betray his birthright by leading the human army against the vengeful gods of Mount Olympus. Check out all the action in Kidzworld’s movie review of Clash of the Titans!

Perseus may be half-god, but he’s chosen to betray his birthright by leading the human army against the vengeful gods of Mount Olympus. Check out all the action in Kidzworld’s movie review of Clash of the Titans!

Clash Of The Titans Movie Rating: 3

Perseus (played by Avatar’s Sam Worthington) could easily use his godly powers to defeat the monsters sent by his father, the sky-god Zeus. But after years of betrayal from his fellow gods, Perseus chooses to fight as a mortal alongside humans instead of reigning from above on Mount Olympus.

Monster Mash

During his journey to defend the city of Argos, Perseus and his crew must face monster after monster from the evil army of Hades, god of the underworld. Perseus and his warriors meet with the Stygian Witches, three blind oracles who help them on their journey. They also encounter giant scorpions and must face off against the snake-haired Medusa—who turns to stone any man who looks at her.

Meet The Kraken

The Kraken is the scariest titan of all and yes, you’ve heard this sea monster’s name before—there’s a Kraken in Pirates of the Caribbean too! The Stygian Witches reveal to Perseus the secret to the Kraken’s undoing: if he can kill Medusa, her decapitated head can turn the giant Kraken to stone! If Perseus fails, the evil beast will devour the beautiful Andromeda and destroy the city of Argos.

The Bottom Line

Clash of the Titans is exactly what you’d expect—a cheesy but fun thrill ride with lots of action and not much story. But don’t let the thin plot keep you from seeing this popcorn blockbuster—just skip the 3-D! Clash of the Titans was originally shot in 2-D and later converted into 3-D so the extra dimension detracts more than adds to the effects.

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EmoGirl55 wrote:

i'm just wondering if i should see this movie sine the review on flixter says it sucks ...
commented: Mon Mar 19, 2012

Don Gaza

Don Gaza wrote:

I feelt bravery as a matter of watching this movie , a young boy annihilating such a di...
commented: Wed Jun 15, 2011

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