Teen Titans TV Show Facts

The Teen Titans fight evil with their crazy cool super powers!
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Teen Titans TV Show Facts - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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The Teen Titans battle evil each week in their animated TV show. FInd out more about Raven, Starfire, Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy right here!

The Teen Titans ban together each week to fight off evil and make the world a better place. Find out more about your fave superhero team - from Raven to Cyborg - and get the 411 on their cool DVD that's jam-packed with Teen Titan fun!

Teen Titans - Main Characters

  • Raven - Raven is a pretty mysterious superhero and she's not too big on sharing her feelings with her roommates. She has a ton of cool super powers including telekinesis (which means she can move objects with her mind, including herself), telepathy (she can read other people's minds), and she's even walked through walls before!
  • Cyborg - This chill superhero is half human, half machine. He can turn his right arm into a cannon, a chain saw or even a grapple (you know, those metal claws that superheroes throw up onto buildings so they can climb up them).
  • Starfire: Starfire might come across as a little bit weird sometimes but she's great at keeping the peace between the Titans. She also has some pretty wicked super powers like being able to fly, throwing star-bolts (aka blasts of energy) and she's crazy strong.
  • Beast Boy: Beast Boy has a hard time keeping a straight face through pretty much any situation. He loves a good joke and never holds back on pulling pranks on his teammates. One of Beast Boy's super powers allows him to change into any animal! How cool is that?!
  • Robin: Robin is the leader of the pack and does a great job coming up with new, successful strategies for the team to beat their enemies. Although Robin doesn't have any super powers, he is talented in martial arts and is extremely intelligent.

Teen Titans - Fun Facts

  • All of the music for Teen Titans is provided by Japanese girl duo, Puffy Amiyumi.
  • Greg Cipes who voices the character Beast Boy will star in the 2005 flick, National Lampoon's Pledge This! with Paris Hilton.
  • Ron Perlman, the actor who voices the evil genius, Slade, also plays the lead role in the flick, Hellboy. A Hellboy sequel is scheduled for sometime in 2006.
  • When Raven becomes emotional, she loses control of her powers.

Teen Titans - Divide and Conquer DVD

Join the gang for some serious superhero fun with Teen Titans: Divide and Conquer Volume 1 DVD. They'll be battling Cinderblock, Thunder and Lightening and of course Slade. This DVD also has some pretty cool special features including a Puffy Amiyumi music video and a feature showing how the Teen Titans made their way from comic books to their very own TV show!
Teen Titans: Divide and Conquer Rating:4

Teen Titans - Season One DVD

All 13 episodes from Teen Titans' first season are now on DVD! The set also include a music video from Puffy Ami Yumi, a sneak peek at their show, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi and an interview with the cute, Japanese rockers. Of course there are also features on the Teen Titans like a feature about the voice actors and a look at how they went from comic book to small screen!
Teen Titans Season One DVD Rating:4

Teen Titans - Season Two DVD

Your fave team of crimefighters is back on DVD with the full second season now in stores. Watch all 13 episode back-to-back or save them as a treat for each time you finish your homework early. This DVD set also includeds a Catching Up With The Teen Titans featurette, which is a must-see for all fans of the show.
Teen Titans Season Two DVD Rating:5

Teen Titans - Season Three DVD

While season three may not measure up to the first two seasons of Teen Titans, it's still worth checking out if you're a fan of the show. Two discs of all your fave episodes like Betrothed, The Beast Within and Spellbound!
Teen Titans Season Three Rating:3

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