Top 10 Canadian Olympians To Watch In 2010

It’s almost time for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games! This year, they are being held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from February 12-25. We wanted to find out which Canadian athletes we should be watching as they go for the gold in 2010!

No. 10: Jeremy Wotherspoon :: Long Track Speed Skating

With three Olympics under his belt, Jeremy is one of the greatest speed skaters on Earth. This year, he’s gunning to add a second medal to the silver he earned at 1998’s Nagano Olympics.

No. 9: Maelle Ricker :: Snowboarding

Maelle has dreamed of winning an Olympic medal since she was a kid. She’s won 12 World Cup podium finishes since 2006. If she stays healthy, she might very well have her first Olympic podium finish in front of the hometown fans.

No. 8: Dominique Maltais :: Snowboarding

Already an Olympic bronze medalist, Dominique has the heart and desire to do what it takes to get to the podium. Despite two broken wrists in the 2008-09 season, she’s on track to get gold around her neck in 2010.

No. 7: Chandra Crawford :: Cross Country Skiing

After winning gold in Turin 2006, Chandra belted out the Canadian national anthem – a great and inspiring moment for fans everywhere. Recreating that scene in 2010 is well within her reach.

No. 6: Sara Renner :: Cross Country Skiing

This will be Sara’s last Olympics before she retires to settle down and spend more time with her family, so she’s definitely in it to win it.

No. 5: Charles and Francois Hamelin :: Short Track Speed Skating

Brothers will represent Canada in short track speed skating in 2010. Older bro Charles has one Olympics under his belt, and both are off to a flying start – and excited to have a chance to share the podium together.

No. 4: Patrick Chan :: Figure Skating

He’s only 20 years old and carrying the weight of a nation on his shoulders. In prepping for the Games, Patrick attempted his first quad toe loop in competition this past summer. He fell, but got credit for completing the full four rotations. He’s been quoted as saying it’s his goal to complete the quad toe loop in the 2010 Olympics.

No. 3: Melissa Hollingsworth :: Skeleton

Melissa loves rodeos and has 13 years of experience going into the Olympic Games. She’s won major international skeleton events all over the world, and is the first Canadian woman in history to win a medal for the sport.

No. 2: Women’s Hockey Team

The gold medalist from the 2002 and 2006 Olympics has a nice mix of new talent and veteran experience. Hayley Wickenheiser is the best scorer in the women's game, followed closely by Jayna Hefford. Caroline Ouellette's size and ability to play forward or defense make her an incredible force. And look out for up-and-comer Marie-Philip Poulin, who, at just 18, has many thinking she could be the "next one" in women's hockey.

No. 1: Men’s Hockey Team

Canada’s men’s hockey team will undoubtedly be the most talented in the Olympics, containing all the right ingredients to win gold. Scoring talent includes Sidney Crosby, Jarome Iginla and Ryan Getzlaf. Defense will be stacked with tough players like Chris Pronger and Dion Phaneuf. And even though goaltenders Roberto Luongo and Martin Brodeur battled injuries in 2008, Canada is certain to be well-equipped in goal.

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