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World Cup 2010: Day 3

Jun 13, 2010

Someone has finally stepped forward at the World Cup and said “We are the Leaders” as Germany puts forth the first big bunch of goals in South Africa. Germany scored 4 of them against Australia, who aren’t that bad of a team, but totally in a different class of soccer this day. Here’s all the details of all three games on day 3 of the World Cup round robin play.

Germany 4 Australia 0

Podolski PowerPodolski Power

It was a total explosive start for the Germans as they showed potent power and relentless determination with an offensive onslaught of the down-underachieving Australians. It started with a huge boot from Lukas Podolski off a cross that blasted so hard through the goalie that it speared the netting without any loss of velocity. Then Miroslav Klose caught the ball with one of his famous headers that reached higher than the Australian goalkeeper could reach with his own hands. At 2-0 the Germans added two more goals late in the game to seal the victory and statement that they are the team to beat this World Cup.

Ghana 1 Serbia 0

Ghana GreatnessGhana Greatness

A well-deserved victory for Ghana but it couldn’t have been more of a lucky goal that actually determined the win. What happened was quite strange. A ball launched across the 18- yard-box, but away from any danger, was touched by the hand of a sprawling Serbian defender.

Zero Chance ZdravkoZero Chance Zdravko

His name is Zdravko Kuzmanovic and the poor guy is going to be remembered as making one of the “stupidest” plays ever at a World Cup. People are saying it was stupid because there was absolutely no reason for him to touch the ball with his hand, and it cost his team the game as Ghana scored on the penalty-shot awarded in the final minutes of the game.

Slovenia 1 Algeria 0


Another “Whoopie Daisie” goal, similar to the goal scored by the Americans just the day before, slipped by the Algerian goalkeeper to give Slovenia the 1-0 win. Algeria goalie Faouzi Chaouchi will be remembered to let an easy shot from 25 yards slip right through his arms. The goalkeepers of the World Cup might have to practice getting used to the South African stadiums’ turf, because there is a lot of talk about how the players are not used to the way the ball is bouncing.

Did you enjoy the German offensive demonstration of goal-scoring? Tell us who scored your favorite goal at the World Cup in the comments below.

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considering rooney is a man united legend, and has scored the all time number of goals, i think people are being a bit harsh on him at the moment. i watched carrack's testimonial not long ago, and in honesty i couldn't really tell him apart from those who have retired but his heart is in united and he's a class player. maybe it's time for him to step aside for the newer players to start building on united's success, and play less games but the lads on social media calling him out for every second he's not training, or demanding we drop him i think need to calm down. this is a proper legend, and we should respect his commitment to the team. thoughts?
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