Top 10 Famous Kids with Famous Parents

Ever wish your dad was as cool as Superman or your mom as awesome as the Spice Girls? Percy Jackson goes one step further and discovers he’s the son of a god (pretty major news considering he was an average kid from New York)! To celebrate the release of Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief on Blu-ray Disc and DVD June 29, here are some other kids lucky enough to be born into a life of stardom.

Percy Jackson Courtesy of Fox

No. 1: Miley Cyrus

Miley, daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, a country singer famous for his hit single Achy Breaky Heart, has taken the world by storm. In 2006 she hit our screens with her much-loved wacky alter-ego Hannah Montana, which has every teen girl screaming with excitement. Now she’s taken one further leap for mankind and is promoting her more adult image with the release of her new mainstream pop album The Time of Our Lives


Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray CyrusMiley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus

No. 2: Jaden Smith

Jaden’s dad is Will Smith, the man who managed to make aliens funny and the ’80s more interesting. Jaden has followed in his father’s footsteps and is now releasing the remake of The Karate Kid, which is set to be one of this year’s best films. Who knows, maybe little Jaden will be even more successful than daddy Smith!

Will Smith and Jaden SmithWill Smith and Jaden Smith

No. 3: Peaches Geldof

Peaches is the daughter of Bob Geldof, lead singer of the Boomtown Rats who sang the hit single I don’t like Mondays - a song we can all relate to! Peaches is 21 and has been following in her daddy’s famous path since the age of 16, writing for Elle Girl Magazine and modelling.

Peaches GeldorfPeaches Geldorf

No. 4: Lily Allen

Lily’s funny dad is comedian Keith Allen. It’s safe to say Lily’s managed to outdo her father’s success with her sky-rocketing music career, which began in 2006 when her album It’s not me it’s you escalated to the top of the charts.

Lily AllenLily Allen

No. 5: Liv Tyler

Liv’s rocker dad Steven Tyler is the front man of one of America’s greatest bands: Aerosmith. In fact, her father’s hit single Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing was featured in the soundtrack of one of Liv’s movies, Armageddon. Since then, Liv’s become everyone’s favourite elvish beauty thanks to her performance in The Lord of the Rings.

Liv TylerLiv Tyler

No. 6: Brooke Hogan

Brooke’s wrestling dad Hulk Hogan was once the face of WWF. Brooke is best known for her appearance on Hulk Knows Best and has been lucky enough to have her own show, called Brooke Knows Best.

Brooke Hogan and Hulk HoganBrooke Hogan and Hulk Hogan

No. 7: Kelly Osbourne

Kelly’s dad is Ozzy Osbourne, front man of British heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Kelly herself, although leading a rebellious childhood for the world to witness on reality TV, recently finished writing her autobiography and this year is testing the waters of both modelling and acting.

Kelly Osbourne, with mom Sharon and Dad OzzyKelly Osbourne, with mom Sharon and Dad Ozzy

No. 8: Kate Hudson

Kate’s mom is blonde bombshell Goldie Hawn. Kate’s taken a leaf out of her mother’s book and stuck to acting. In 2001 she won a Golden Globe for her performance in Almost Famous.

Kate Hudson and Goldie HawnKate Hudson and Goldie Hawn

No. 9: Colin Hanks

Colin’s dad is Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks. Colin’s also an actor who plays a somewhat geeky boy named Alex Whitman on the show Roswell High.

Tom Hanks with son Colin HanksTom Hanks with son Colin Hanks

No. 10: Ben Stiller

Ben’s got two celeb parents: Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller. Both are funny, like their son! In fact, Ben’s pretty much EVERYONE’S favourite funny man. He is best known for his film Zoolander where he plays a model known for his series of poses, in particular Blue Steel.

Ben Stiller with Dad Jerry StillerBen Stiller with Dad Jerry Stiller
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