Grease: The Official Video Game

Grease the movie may have come out over 30 years ago (way back in the 1970s when your dad likely had a big, bushy beard and your mom wore bell-bottoms), but it’s as popular today as ever! Need proof? Grease: The Video Game will hit store shelves this September!

Sing & Dance

Quick! What’s more memorable about Grease - John Travolta’s hair or the amazing, catchy song lyrics and dance moves? Well, it’s sort of a toss-up, but we’ve got to go with option B on this one. Which is why we loved playing Grease: The Video Game on our Nintendo Wii. All the amazing music is there (16 in total), and we got to sing and dance right along with the whole gang from Rydell High!

So how do you “win” the game (and ultimate Grease glory)? Well, you’ll have to sing and dance your way to victory using the Wii Remote, the Wii Balance Board and Wii-compatible microphones. In party mode you can get up to seven friends to join you to compete in two teams for musical domination. We didn’t try the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi versions of the game, but we hear they test your rhythm skills, as you tap to the beat of 10 Grease tunes. Plus, you can use the camera functionality on the Nintendo DSi to actually put yourself in the game by uploading your face to your fave character!

Mini Games

Besides the karaoke-style fun, the game includes some pick-up-and-play mini-games including drag races down Thunder Road against the Scorpions, sports competitions to win a leather letterman jacket, carnival games at the Rydell Graduation carnival and even pillow fights with the Pink Ladies! Or switch to story mode to fix up Greased Lightnin’ to try and win Sandy’s affection with your funky dance moves! Plus, you can dance your way through actual scenes from the film, following Sandy and Danny on their legendary high-school journey.

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MewSilver wrote:

I have to sing a song from this for leavers assembly at my school :I
commented: Tue Jul 09, 2013

When 2 worlds collide
yeh i know , i worked on the props with you and jordan , and ashley
commented: Sat Dec 08, 2012


Team FVMMS wrote:

my skool drama club performed this in march
commented: Sun Jun 17, 2012

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