iPig Speaker System

Nov 14, 2010

No, we’re not calling you a pig, and we’re not saying we’re pigs, either! But we DO love this cute little pink iPig speaker system from Lanchiya that comes in the shape of a pig! Check out our review and find out why you should add this sounds system to your wish list this year!

Powerful Pig

It sure is cute, but it’s also a serious sound system/docking station for your iPod! The iPig got pretty loud when we tested it, thanks to true 25 watts and audio extension down to 60 HZ. Translation: Clear, strong, sound for all your fave songs on your iPod!

Solid Porker

Not only is the sound from this iPig great, the system is built really well, too. Totally solid, and the remote that comes with it works perfectly! Plus, if pink pigs aren’t really your style, the iPig comes in yellow and white, too.

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