Clone Wars Adventures :: PC Game Review

Clone Wars Adventures :: PC Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Nov 12, 2010
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Join the ranks of Jedi and Clone Troopers in the galaxy-wide Clone Wars. How epic is this online game? Check our review to find out!

If you are looking for a massive MMORPG filled with quests and player interaction, you will have to look somewhere else. Clone Wars Adventures is more of a mini-game compliation, with the [kwlink 15188]Star Wars[/kwlink] theme pasted on, than anything else. You get to make your own character and you can chat with other players in the hub world of the Jedi Temple, but beyond fighting for spots on the top scoreboard you won't get to do too much else with other players.

Not an adventure, but not terrible either

The games that you can play in Clone Wars Adventures is not that much different than the ones you can find on flash game websites. However, they are really well made, fun, and, most importantly, are Star Wars themed! You can fly fighter in a space battle, set up turret defense against drone troopers, clear crystal puzzles to make lightsabers, race speeder bikes, and more!

The graphics and overall quality of the games are very good. Every game has lots of voice acting and sometimes even cut scenes. There are more than ten different games to try out, you are sure to find a some that you will love.

Materialistic Jedi

Playing the games will earn you Credits, which you can use to buy gear for your character or furniture for your home. You can copy your favourite character's outfit, whether they be a trooper, bounty hunter, good guy or bad guy. You can also get blasters, lightsabers, and pet drones.

Some items cost Station Cash, which you will need buy with real money. You will also need to cough up real money if you want to get the Jedi status you need to access later levels on all the games and to do some other things. It's not too expensive and it is up to you to decide if you want to pay for more after playing the free stuff first.


Price: Free to Play with Optional Buy-ins

ESRB Rating: E 10+

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