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Q&A With Nick Krause

Dec 13, 2010

We’re so excited! We recently got to ask actor Nick Krause a bunch of questions about his acting career, his famous family and some of the stuff he likes doing in his spare time. Check out his answers below!

Hi Nick! How old are you?

  • I'm eighteen years old. I turn nineteen in April.

How did you get into acting?

  • I've always been into it, but my interest in acting really took off when I was ten and saw improv comedy for the first time. It was amazing - from that moment on I knew acting was something I wanted to be part of forever.

Your sister, Kate, is also an actress – would you say that acting runs in your family?

  • Kate and I are definitely the actors of our family. I have two brothers who worked when they were younger, but moved on to other interests as they got older. Everyone in our family has a different creative outlet that they work through.
Nick KrauseNick Krause

We heard you attended college classes when you were 10 years old!? What was that all about?

  • When I was in fifth grade, I decided to do home schooling. We happened to live close to a university at the time and my mom managed to sweet-talk them into letting me hang through some math classes. It was definitely the most difficult thing I had done up to that point, but easily one of the most rewarding experiences I've come across. To be so young and receive so many new perspectives of the world through mathematics was amazing and many of the concepts have stuck with me ever since.

What’s been your favorite movie to work on so far and why?

  • The Descendants, hands down. I got to spend several months in Hawaii, working with amazing people on both sides of the camera every day - it was an awesome experience that I would trade for the world.

What’s been your favorite role to play so far and why?

  • I think Sid in The Descendants was one of my favorite roles to play. He's so laid back and natural. I love characters like that. Sid was very real to me - and when I first read the part I knew that he would be a fun character to play.
Nick KrauseNick Krause

Are there any actors or actresses you really look up to or would like to meet/work with some day?

  • I think I'm incredibly fortunate to have worked with my favorite actor - George Clooney. He's an amazing guy and an awesome actor who is constantly working to change the world for the better - in short, everything I could hope to someday be. I would like to work Leonardo DiCaprio someday as well, for the same reason. Any actor who actively pursues the dream of making the world a better place is an actor that I would love to shake hands with.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do most in your spare time?

  • I love music, in all forms. I've played acoustic and electric guitar for seven years. There's no feeling like writing a new song or hopping into a jam session with friends.

With the holidays coming up, what’s your favorite way to spend this time of year?

  • The holidays for me are a great time to kick back, relax, and spend some time with the family. It's a good opportunity to look around and appreciate everything that's happened so far for everyone over some marshmallows.

What advice would you give to kids who really want to get into show business?

  • Learn as much as you can about everything and have fun! Like anything else, acting can be incredibly rewarding if you stick to it. The most important thing, though, is to enjoy the ride.
Nick KrauseNick Krause

Quick! Let’s play favorites:

  • Favorite color: Blue!
  • Favorite food: Cold pizza
  • Favorite band: The Beatles. Pink Floyd. Frank Zappa. Jeff Buckley. I could go on and on.
  • Favorite TV show: Whose Line is it Anyway?
  • Favorite movie: Waking Life, Richard Linklater.
  • Favorite book: House of Leaves, Mark Danielewski
  • Favorite video game: Rockstar Table Tennis! Best game for parties.
  • Favorite sport: [kwlink 4648 ]Lacrosse[/kwlink] and Soccer
  • Favorite season: Spring
  • Favorite website: ultimate-guitar.com
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