Get the Look: Kate Middleton

Jan 24, 2010

Kate Middleton has gotten elegant, British style down pat! Often seen looking feminine in floral frocks, preppy blazers and plaid skirts - Kate’s style has evolved from when she was a student with Prince William at St. Andrews from young school girl to chic and confident woman. Building up to the biggest wedding so far of the century - she’s going to become a princess in April when she marries Prince William - her life is a true life fairytale! Take a peek into her closet for some Princess-to-be style!

Floral Frocks

Kate loves her flowery dresses! She has an enviable collection that ranges from big, red flowers to little, ditsy pink ones. She knows that floral isn’t restricted to just spring or summer and pairs her dresses with tights in the winter and comfy ballet flats year round! Pair your dresses with a chunky knit cardigan in the winter and a breezy, cotton one in the spring!

Liberty Rose dress, $40, at, Pocket shopper, $25, at, Ballet flats with bow, $7.50, at, Feather flower earrings, $6.50, at Rose dress, $40, at, Pocket shopper, $25, at, Ballet flats with bow, $7.50, at, Feather flower earrings, $6.50, at

Royal Plaids

One of Kate’s favorite looks is pairing a wooly plaid skirt with a cozy sweater and tights. It’s the perfect winter look if you want to dress up a bit but still want to stay warm. A wool skirt paired with a thick pair of cable knit thick tights is almost warmer than a pair of jeans or leggings! A smart looking fitted jacket and knee high boots (bonus if they’re lined with a bit of faux fur or shearling for warmth) and there’s your winter dress up problem solved!

Funnel neck black coat, $40, at, Plaid mini skirt, $17, at, Fizzy black boots, $56, at, Crinkled handle handbag, $28, at Forever21.comFunnel neck black coat, $40, at, Plaid mini skirt, $17, at, Fizzy black boots, $56, at, Crinkled handle handbag, $28, at

Accessorize, accessorize!

Kate knows the power of accessorizing! It’s the easiest and cheapest way to completely change your look! A simple gray jacket looks instantly chic with a soft beret, a cool patterned scarf and some bangle bracelets. Experiment with different looks until you find one that you love!

Grey blazer, $14, at, Super soft beret, $11, at Dillards, Floral bauble scarf, $24.50, at American Eagle, 50 piece bangle set, $3.50, at Forever21.comGrey blazer, $14, at, Super soft beret, $11, at Dillards, Floral bauble scarf, $24.50, at American Eagle, 50 piece bangle set, $3.50, at

Kate’s Signature Formal Wear!

Over the years, Kate’s been to countless royal weddings and events. She loves to dress up a simple floral dress and heels with a cool hair piece like the one we found from New Look. Simply pin to your hair and you’re suddenly ready for a fancy party!

NEW LOOK hair piece, $9, at NewLook.comNEW LOOK hair piece, $9, at
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