Air Hogs Pocketcopter and Vectron Wave

Air Hogs Pocketcopter and Vectron Wave - Reviewed by Kidzworld on May 30, 2011
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Air Hogs makes the coolest remote control flying toys ever... and they keep inventing new gizmos. Their two newest toys are the Pocketcopter and the Vectron Wave Battle. Here's the Kidzworld review... [gallery]

Air Hogs makes the coolest remote control flying toys ever... and they keep inventing new gizmos. Their two newest toys are the Pocketcopter and the Vectron Wave Battle. Here's the Kidzworld review...


It's the smallest flying helicopter ever! The Pocketcopter is basically a little helicopter that fits in the palm of your hand. It comes with a remote control that is nice and small too. The only problem... is controlling it.

When I got my Pocketcopter, it went straight up no problem, however the helicopter kept spinning counterclockwise out of control. I couldn't get it to straighten out using the "trim" controls so that was kind of a bummer. BUT there are videos of kids playing with this copter with lots of control and it looks like lots of fun!.

It's a cool toy if it works. I've played with other Air Hogs copters and they are so much fun. I'm sure if you buy a pocketcopter and you have control problems, you can return it no problem.


Vectron Wave Battle

The Vectron Wave is the weirdest toy ever. It's like a UFO that you can send off into the open and it will fly around on it's own. It has laser sensors so that when it comes clse to something it avoids it. It basically flies around the room on it's own... until you shoot it down.

The Wave comes with a gun that shoots laser beams. Once you hit the flying UFO 3 times, it comes crashing down! It's kind of a fun game to play with a friend. Who can shoot it down?

You can throw the UFO high into the air and it will fly at great heights. Scare your neighbors!







  • Vectron Wave Battle $30
  • Pocketcopter $35
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mookiemoomoo wrote:

I think I am going to get my brothers one of these!
commented: Thu Nov 24, 2011

:D :D :D
commented: Fri Sep 02, 2011

commented: Fri Sep 02, 2011

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