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Get The Look: Disney's PROM

With the Blu-ray and DVD for Disney’s fun and original film PROM coming out August 30, we took some time to meet the girls in the movie! These characters all have their own unique sense of style, as the movie’s costume designer Shoshana Ruben explains…


Shoshana Ruben says: “Nova is an all-American girl and she’s our top student in the movie, so we wanted her to look sweet and innocent. She wears a lot of sweet dresses with floral prints and pastel colors, and she often adds a denim jacket, a cardigan or a blazer to the look to finish it off. She’s a preppy girl, but she likes to mix it up and she keeps fashion interesting.”


“It’s simple to copy Nova’s sweet style from Prom. Just add a simple denim jacket or a cardigan to your outfit – or a blazer if you’re feeling extra preppy!”




Simone is our hippy girl who loves to rock. She plays the guitar, so we know she likes music and she is a bit more of a free spirit than Nova. She wears bohemian clothes, and she always looks cute. The one outfit that stands out in my mind is the prairie-style white dress that Simone wears to Tyler’s barbecue in the movie. I chose white because I wanted her stand out and I wanted to reinforce her innocent look. This is a senior barbecue and she’s a sophomore, so she’s a little different to everyone else there.”


“To copy Simone’s style, find your inner hippy and go boho with a floral dress and fun jewelry. Keep it cute!”



“Jordan is hip and cool. She’s the captain of the cheerleading squad, so we tried to push her look into an edgier style. She’s fashion forward and she’s trendy, so she wears things like short-sleeve jackets, as well as lots of accessories like belts and chunky jewelry. Jordan has a lot of fun with fashion.”


“If you want to copy Jordan’s style, be bold! Experiment with color and accessories – and stand out from the crowd.”



“Mei is a fashion student, so we pushed the boundaries with her. She is more eclectic in her style and she borrows from the vintage world. She thinks about texture and she likes to mix patterns, so she wears things like a little strapless cotton dress with a crochet vest over the top.”


“Mix textures and patterns if you want to copy Mei’s style – but don’t go overboard! Head to vintage shops and break away from the norm.”




“Ali’s look is a little more mainstream than the other characters. She is the one person who doesn’t take as many risks in terms of her wardrobe. She wears skinny jeans with fun tops, but she tends to play it safe with everything she wears. In my head, Ali shops in department stores at the mall. She’s not as fashion forward as Jordan, but she still looks cool.”


“If you want to copy Ali’s style, keep it simple and cool with jeans and a nice top. Everyone needs a good pair of jeans in their wardrobe, so shop around for the perfect fit!”



Prom is available on Blu-ray and DVD August 30th!




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Have You Ever Worn Fur?

  • Yeah, I wear it all the time.
  • No way! That is so horrible.
  • I've worn it once or twice but I won't ever again.
  • I haven't but I would if I could afford it.

Dear Dish-It In The Forums

Autonomy posted in Family Issues:
"StarrChild" wrote: Two years ago my parents broke up. I was never really the same after that point. My mother she began to just not care about anything. She would go out clubbing every Friday and would yell at me for my attitude towards it. Why would I be okay with her doing that??? I didn't really realise it but I began feeling kind of depressed. Of course we didn't fight all the time but when we did I would always end up crying alone in my room. And it would be really painful. One time I cried every night for a week because of her. A week ago, I felt really sick at school so I went to the sick bay but my Mum refused to believe I was sick. She thought I was lying and being over dramatic as usual. I felt really horrible after that, that the teacher sent me to the guidance councellor and almost immediately I burst into tears. I didn't even know why I did but the councellor did a little test on me and came to the conclusion I was slightly depressed and had anxiety. It wasn't really surprising but hearing it out loud just felt really weird. Even after knowing that fact my mother doesn't really act any different. She's not a bad person I swear but she can just be really horrible at times. Anyways, that's technically whats been happening in my life lol. Nothing really interesting Oh dear, that sounds like a dreadful situation. I've lived through similar difficulties in my own life, and my heart goes out to you, truly. May I offer you some advice? I don't have the cure to your problems or a magic wand that can make them disappear, but I do believe that some good can come out of your living situation. The first thing I'd like to make note of, is that everyone makes mistakes. As human beings, we have to make mistakes. There's no way around it; it's how we learn and grow. And as we get older, we don't stop making mistakes. Your parents are no exception. Although we look to our parents for guidance, and direction, and support, we have to understand that they aren't perfect people, and they make mistakes. They may not always lead us in the right direction. They may not always set a good example. They may not always be there for us, to encourage us and support us when we need them most. And that's okay. Everyone makes mistakes, and we have to accept that. But we can't let allow other people's mistakes to hurt us, my dear. And I know it hurts. Your mum might not understand how her actions make you feel. You said you haven't been the same since your parents divorced, and I know how challenging that can be to go through. But you know, some of the brightest, wisest, and happiest people I've met, are people who have dealt with difficult problems in their lives, and used them to grow as people. You can let your parents' mistakes get to you, and make you upset and depressed; or, you can accept that they aren't perfect people, accept that they make mistakes, and accept that their mistakes don't have anything to do with you. So here's what you do, friend: you can't stop your mum from going clubbing, and that's okay. Don't try to. Don't fight with her about it. You can let her know how it makes you feel, but don't get into an argument. Accept the situation for what it is. Your mother is her own person, and she is accountable for what she does; you aren't. Next time you start to get in a fight or an argument with her, just step back, and withdraw yourself. Try it, see what happens. Once you decide not to let other peoples' failings affect you--and you do have the power to do this--then you'll find a sense of peace you probably haven't felt before. And you'll learn from your mistakes, and the mistakes of your parents, and everyone around you, and you'll be a better person. Press on.
reply about 4 hours
Dounuts posted in Family Issues:
Go to your neighbor's house and ask him/her to call to police.Everything will be just fine.
reply about 10 hours
my ex is going through the same thing. Call the police now. Things will get out of hand. My brothers friend has been living with us for about 2 weeks becuz his dad punched him in the face. Call 911 now. They will help you. Just say you have been abused by your family member and they will take it from there. If you want, add me and we can talk
reply about 11 hours
If you are getting abused to the point where you bleed, call the police immediately. This isn't acceptable behavior.
reply about 11 hours
MRAP posted in Family Issues:
Hey, Just wanted some advice to help me on what to do on this. Ever since I was 3 I've been both Verbally, Mentally, And Physically abused. To me, this is normal since it's been happening for so long. But I just can't take this thing anymore. When I get home I always get yelled at for no reason. I have been on Anti-Depressants for the past 1-2 years. Been going to counseling for 6-7 years for family. Nothing has changed yet. I just need help on how to handle this. Thanks.
reply about 11 hours