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Pokémon World Championship: J.C. Smith Interview

Sep 19, 2011

During the Pokémon World Championship Tournament, Kidzworld sat down with J.C. Smith for an interview about the world of Pokémon! J.C. is the Director of Consumer Marketing for The Pokémon Company International.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

Everyone that has been working on the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online at Pokémon Company International is very happy with the progress of the TCGO. There is a system in place to keep track of how many codes each person entered, thus you don’t need to worry about the eventual wipes! Because even though there will be wipes, you will get credits for the same number of codes you entered so you can re-open packs! Even though the cards in each pack will be random, meaning you probably won’t get the exact same packs back, you will still get the same number of cards to re-build your online decks.


The Video Game Tournaments has been very successful since its debut a couple of years ago. This community has recently extended all the way to Europe! There was a great turnout at the World Championship this year in San Diego, but the competition will definitely be tougher next year with an expanded player field!

Trading Card Game

There were a lot of changes made to the Trading Card Game in Japan this year, the most notable one being cutting the number of cards per pack from ten down to five. Also, you are no longer guaranteed the one rare per pack. Of course, the prices of the packs were also cut in half. There are no plans to follow Japan’s footsteps here in North America. The Pokémon Company International are happy with the way the packs are and do not foresee any dramatic changes in the near future. So you can all relax, we’ll still be getting ten cards per pack with a guaranteed rare!


Overall, the Pokémon Company International is quite happy with the way things are going in the Pokémon community. Despite the need for early rotation this year, everything else went smoothly. The play test team is working very hard to make sure there won’t be a need for early rotation again! So if you haven’t already, it’s time to check out the TCGO or go pick up some Pokémon TCG Cards! Keep checking back for more updates and news about Pokémon!

Have Your Say

Since this is the beginning of a new season for Pokémon, do you have any thoughts on how the game can be better, or changes you would like to see? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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