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Pretty Little Liars: Season 2, Episode 16 :: Let the Water Hold me Down

Jan 17, 2012

This week on Pretty Little Liars (Season 2, Episode 16), the truth about Lucas is revealed. Read Kidzworld’s recap of “Let the Water Hold me Down”, which aired January 16, 2012, to discover what you missed.

Mission Impossible

Hanna has been rescued from the lake, but Lucas is still missing. The girls are determined to find him so they can figure out what really happened and why he would want to hurt Hanna. Spencer found a receipt in the lake house, which she thinks was left by Lucas. Her and Aria try to track down the store it came from, but have no luck.

Right after they give up, Spencer notices a large amount of blind people in the neighborhood where the shop was supposed to be. She follows them to a rehab centre, and tries to get information on Jenna. She talks to a current resident and steals a sign in book from the night Alison died.  


One of Aria’s old childhood friends, Holden, is back in town after spending a year abroad. Now that he’s in town, he’s interested in becoming more than friends. Since Ezra still isn’t returning her calls, she agrees to go on a date with Holden to the local theatre, knowing Ezra will be there.


Lucas sneaks into Hanna’s house late at night so he can explain what happened. Turns out he just wanted to let her know the truth about the hot line call. He was also worried about Caleb getting angry, since he lost some of his money on a bad sports bet. Can Hanna trust him, or does he have ulterior motives?

Have Your Say

Should Hanna trust Lucas? If he wasn’t at the lake house, who was? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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