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Quiz the Coach - I Can't Get Very High On My Ollie

Quiz the Coach - I Can't Get Very High On My Ollie - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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Kidzworlds Quiz the Coach has advice, help and tips on camps, skateboarding, skateboard tricks, basketball rules, fouls, cheerleading tryouts and practice, making the team plus tons of other stuff! - Page 6

So ya dig sports but need some help with your game? Don't understand some of the rules of football, basketball or hockey? Got a gripe about P.E. class, skateboarders, cheerleading, teammates or coaches, or anything? Why not ? The Kidzworld Coach can help ya work out team problems or give ya tips and advice to improve your game - all ya gotta do is ask!

1Hey Coach,
I can't ollie properly. I can lift the front part pretty high and I can get the back about two centimetres up, but I can't level the board. Argghh! What's wrong with me? How should I go about practicing?
sk8er kid

Hey sk8er kid,
Don't sweat it if you're having problems with your ollie. There's nothing wrong with you. The ollie is one of those tricks that can take longer for some people to learn than others, so just keep trying. Getting the timing down on an ollie is probably the hardest part. As you jump, make sure your front foot slides up to your nose, pulling the board into the air. At the peak of your ollie, level out your skateboard. Concentrate on the landing and always land with your knees bent. It's easy to get frustrated but keep on practicing, because it's a great feeling once you perfect it.

1Hey Coach,
I gotta friend on my softball team who always cries whenever we lose. She also cries if she doesn't do something right or if she makes a mistake during the game. But for some reason, she also acts like she's the best at everything. What's wrong with her?
paul bunion

Hey paul bunion,
Sounds like your friend is a bit of a loose cannon when she's playing sports. She thinks she's the best at everything, so when she drops a ball, strikes out or the team loses, she gets really upset. Lots of players are like this, whether they're kids playing Little League or pros playing in the big leagues. Tell your friend to chill out and she'll have way more fun. She's obviously putting way too much pressure on herself to succeed and is forgetting that she should be having fun. Winning is always more fun than losing, catching a fly ball is always more fun than dropping one, and getting a hit is always more fun than striking out. But losing a softball game, or making a bad throw, isn't worth crying over. Your friend should save those tears for something really worth crying about like her boyfriend dumping her or her pet dying.

Do you have a question on sports, skateboards, skateboarding, fitness, P.E. class, rules to sports or health? to the Kidzworld Coach. Keep in mind peeps, the Kidzworld Coach isn't a doctor or a professional athlete or anything like that. He's just a dude who digs sports, plays 'em and knows a lot about 'em. You should always talk to your 'rents, a doctor or your school gym teacher before starting a new sport or a new exercise.

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