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The Secret Circle: Season 1, Episode 22:: Family

May 12, 2012

This week on the season finale of The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 22) Cassie and Diana combine their powers to fight the witch hunters in “Family”, which aired May 10, 2012, to find out what you missed!

Crystal Skull Sisters

The season one finale – and potentially the show’s final episode if it fails to get renewed – was beyond action packed. Last week Diana and Cassie discovered that Blackwell manipulated the parents' circle and is now controlling theirs as well, but with Faye captured by Eben and the witch hunters they have no choice but to agree to help him create the crystal skull, but to do so they have to unbind the circle! Adam, Melissa and Jake are waiting outside the ferry boat where Faye is being held hostage by the witch hunters, but after the circle is broken Adam worries that either Cassie or Diana has died and turns back to help them. Once unbound Faye calls Dawn and asks for help and Charles’ mother decides to lend Dawn and Charles her power to go help them.

Battle on the Boat

Melissa and Jake break on to the boat to help Faye, and Jake shows his true feelings for Faye by insisting they try to save her without the other and passionately kissing her as soon as they find her. Unfortunately the demon-possessed Eben is still stronger than all of them and he ties them to a post to burn all three of them at the stake (exactly how he killed their parents 16 years ago!)

Dawn and Charles arrive just in time to free them, but in order to defeat Eben Charles  sacrifices himself by drawing the demon out of Eben and into himself. Jake comes in and kills Eben as revenge for his parents and brother. Charles then throws himself over the edge of the boat in front of everyone.

Meanwhile Cassie and Diana have discovered that Blackwell never planned to help Faye, and after forming the crystal he traps the girls in a circle so they can’t use their powers. His plan is to kill all the witches who don’t have Balcoin blood! There are Balcoin children in other circles and he wants to unite them all to form a pure circle of dark magic witches.

Bye Bye Blackwell

Blackwell uses the skull to start killing all the witches, including Adam who has discovered where the girls are but remained hidden. Cassie realizes the only way to defeat Blackwell is to activate Diana’s power, so she chokes her with magic until Diana lashes out. Then they both grab the skull and destroy Blackwell.

The circle gathers at Cassie’s house where she apologizes for believing Blackwell and tries to convince them that they should bind the circle again for protection but no one is convinced it’s a good idea. Overwhelmed by recent events Diana decides to leave town with her Aussie hottie Grant, everyone decides the Adam is the only one pure enough of heart to dispose of the crystal skull and Melissa and Faye decide to have a night on the town using their solo magic again. At the very end we see that Charles isn’t quite dead but possibly comatose and his mother is attempting to help him, and Cassie and Diana see burning Balcoin circles on their palms there are 4 people just like them waiting outside the town.

Have Your Say

Do you think The Secret Circle will be renewed for another season? Let us know in the comments section below!


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i love undertale and gravity falls AHHH I SHIP BOTH AHHHHHHHHHH
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It was, it really was. Except for that final episode, they made Stanley get his memories back, way too quickly. And you know how long it took McGucket to do such a thing.
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Ahh, I loved this show! It was so well-written and charming. I miss it so much. :')
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In a very long hiatus right now ugh
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Skipper_ posted in TV Shows:
I miss the show-
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