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Top 10 Summer Olympic Events

Jun 19, 2012

The Olympics only happen every 4 years, so it's pretty exciting to watch all the best of the best athletes in the World. Here are the Top 10 Summer Olympic Sports.

Olympic EventsOlympic EventsCourtesy of 20past.co.uk

No. 10 – 10 M Platform Diving

The criteria… Whomever can make the smallest splash usually wins. Now that’s entertainment.

High DiveHigh DiveCourtesy of the Olympics

No. 9 – Soccer

Since the USA dominates basketball, Soccer wins the most exciting team sport at the Olympics.

SoccerSoccerCourtesy of the Olympics

No. 8 – Women’s Synchronized Swimming

The ballet of the pool is one of the most loved events because we all do it when we’re on vacation at the hotel pool to entertain our parents.

Synchronized SwimmingSynchronized SwimmingCourtesy of the Olympics

No. 7 – Rowing Single / Double Sculls

Rowing is becoming more exciting because of all the great advances in filming technology. With aerials from helicopters, a trolley cam following the leaders, and country flags superimposed on the water to identify the rowers, this is a really fun event to watch.

RowingRowingCourtesy of the Olympics

No. 6 – 4 x 400 Meter Relay

As no one stands a chance to beat the Jamaicans in the 4 x 100, the 4 x 400 is a little more exciting.

4 x 400 M Run4 x 400 M RunCourtesy of the Olympics

No. 5 – High Jump

The high jump represents the Olympics as the game of centimeters. The World Record is 8 feet high… can you believe that?

High JumpHigh JumpCourtesy of the Olympics

No. 4 – Beach Volleyball

If anything else, this event is just so much fun cause it’s at the beach. It will be really cool when the Olympics adds Footvolley, beach volleyball with soccer moves only.

Beach VolleyballBeach VolleyballCourtesy of the Olympics

No. 3 – Gymnastics

Ever since Mary Lou Retton landed a must-needed perfect 10 on the vault to win the Gold Medal for the USA back in the 80s… this event has been known to make everyone’s heart melt.

GymnasticsGymnasticsCourtesy of the Olympics

No. 2 – 50 Meter Swimming Freestyle

It’s the fastest and most exciting event in the pool. It only lasts about 25 seconds!

SwimmingSwimmingCourtesy of the Olympics

No. 1 – 100 Meter Sprint

Everyone wants to know who is the fastest person in the world so the 100 m sprint shows us the answer. Do you know who the fastest man in the world is? He can run the 100 m sprint in 9.58 seconds.

100 M Sprint100 M SprintCourtesy of the Olympics
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What is your favorite event at the Summer Olympics? Let us know in the comments below.




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DarkUnicorn posted in Dance:
I do dance or Thursdays from 7:00 to 9:30 and it's Jazz, Tap, and Ballet.
reply 3 days
Manchester is rubish
reply 5 days
Why did they not make a volleyball topic XD
reply 6 days
It is a sport
reply 11 days
Cheerleading is a very popular activity for girls, especially in the USA as teacher says. Most Americans argue is it a sport or just an activity that is made just to cheer football or basketball matches. My friend from school thinks that cheerleading is not a sport and should not be taken seriously. She thinks that cheerleaders are being picked into the teams not for their achievements in sports, but for their looks. Only pretty girls allowed. She thinks cheerleading is stupid. I think that cheerleading is a sport, because being a cheerleader holds big responsibilities. You should be physically prepared, train hard, be strong, fit and healthy. They also are great gymnasts and have their own competitions where they compete to be best.  8) I guess there are many in here who would think the same. 
reply 17 days