OMG Girlz are Everywhere!

By: Lynn Barker

The Officially Miss Guided girlz got on the cell with us from Atlanta, Georgia for an Exclusive chat about a ton of TV and tour appearances coming up, their album (out in October) and much more.

Girls have formed then left the group since 2009 but Zonnique "Star" Pullins, 16, Bahja "Beauty" Rodriguez, 15 and  Breaunna "Baby Doll" Womack, 17 make up OMG Girlz now and their sound is bangin’!


We’re talkin’ Lady Gaga, T.I. wazzup for July 4th family-wise and their fave crazy fan encounter. Check it out!

Kidzworld:  Are you still recording your new album?

  • Star: We’re pretty much finished with our songs but we have to go back and re-record some of them because we have songs from when we were young and we sound like babies on a couple of them.

Kidzworld: Can’t have that! Have you been practicing for the BET Awards show?

  • Baby Doll: Yeah. We’ve been working really hard with our choreographer Sean Bankhead. We’re doing a little mixture with a breakdown and we’re very excited and honored to do it.

Kidzworld: What groups will be joining you at the Essence Festival July 5th?

  • Beauty: I know Diggy will be there. He’s our brother. We’re so cool with him. I know that Mary J. Blige is performing and Aretha Franklin is gonna be there, a lot of really cool, big people and I think they’re performing on the same stage we are so we’re excited to meet everybody. We’ve already met Mary J. Blige and she’s really cool but we’re excited to meet people like Aretha. All these people are so great.

Kidzworld: When you aren’t working, what will you and your families usually do on July 4th?

  • Star: For me and my family, we go out on the boat and have a big party at my house and everybody comes over and we all eat and pop firecrackers and stuff.

Kidzworld: Do all the families celebrate together?

  • Baby Doll: Before, I guess they’ve done it separately because we weren’t all together (as a group) that long and I didn’t know them. So, I’m not sure what Star and Beauty did but last year July 4th Star and Beauty joined me in my hometown Mobile, Alabama and we went to the beach because it’s on the coast and watched the fireworks. They had a show so we did that.

Kidzworld: Fun! What has been the coolest fan encounter so far?

  • Girlz: Ummmmmmm. McDonalds when they gave us free food! Well, this is Star and we just did a show in Jackson, New Jersey at this park and we got to skip the lines. When we were on the rides fans started screaming our names and following us. We were mobbed at the end and we never get to experience that because we can usually go to parks and nobody really says anything except “Hey, can I take a picture?” but we pretty much got mobbed for the first time.

Kidzworld: Your costumes are so colorful and blinged out. Who designs them? Who picked blue, purple and pink as your colors?

  • Beauty: When we’re on the road, our road manager Tamara (Star’s cousin) will design our outfits and pick them out but as far as our colors, I picked pink because it’s my favorite color and Star has always wanted blue hair when she was younger and Baby Doll, purple, our auntie Tameka and her mom chose purple for her and she kinda rolled with it but she really liked it so that’s how we got our colors.

Kidzworld: Do you ever go out in real life wearing your costumes?

  • Beauty: No, I mean they’re like with a lot of jewelry and big belts and bedazzled shoes and stuff so when we go out we like to chill and be in our own styles, like sweatpants.

Kidzworld: Any designers or stores you really like?

  • Star: We don’t really like a specific designer just anything that’s cute.
  • Baby Doll: “Forever 21” stores.

Kidzworld: Where did you shoot your “Where The Boys At?” video? It looked like fun there.

  • Baby Doll: We shot it at Lake Lanier (Islands Resort) here in Georgia. It was cool. There was a man-made beach but they made it look like a real beach with slides and stuff, a playground for kids. It was really cool and fun and we stayed there the night before.

Star, Beauty and Baby Doll Star, Beauty and Baby Doll

Kidzworld: Was it T.I.’s idea to be the dad in the video?

  • Star: When we were coming up with all the ideas for the video, we were trying to figure out how we should start it so he kind of put himself in there and my little brothers got in it for they little cameos too.

Kidzworld: There is kinda a trend in songs about girls looking to find a guy. Good examples are Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and now your song.  Is that just a theme that will never die? Are girls just more aggressive now to get something started?

  • Beauty: I think (trends) are all in the type of song you want to do. Most artists like us just go off of songs they like to sing and songs they like when they first hear them. It’s whatever you like. Some girls might want to talk about lookin’ for guys. Others might talk about something different. But (the search for the right guy) is never gonna die out because girls, we like guys and guys like girls.

Kidzworld: It’s a great summertime song too because that’s when you have more time to go out and ask “Where the boys at?” (laughter).

  • Girlz: Thank you!

Kidzworld: Each of you, fave song on the new album and why?

  • Star: We’ve been recording a lot of new songs but one of my favorite is “Lover Boy” that we recently did.

Kidzworld: Do you all collaborate with someone when you write songs or all write together?

  • Star: It’s a mixture but everyone pretty much writes.
  • Beauty: One of my favorites is our song “Chillin’” It’s light and a really, really good song. I love the topic.
  • Baby Doll: One of my favorites in “Incredametamazeable”. It’s a word we made up.

Star, Beauty and Baby Doll Officially Miss Guided

Kidzworld: Oh, like incredible and amazing all in one?

  • Girlz: Yeah.

Kidzworld: What’s that about?

  • Baby Doll: That’s the word we use to describe a cute guy. We were sayin’ there was not a big enough word to describe him so we made that up.

Kidzworld: I love it! How did you feel when Lady Gaga tweeted that she was obsessed with you guys? How did you find out?

  • Beauty: We were actually in an interview in New York and once we got done, our team told us “Y’all, Lady Gaga tweeted about y’all”. We’re like “Really!?” We got an opportunity to talk to her. First we talked with Vincent Herbert, the man who signed us over at Interscope and he said “You know Lady Gaga just tweeted about you guys”. He had signed her as well and said “She doesn’t do that. She did that on her own. People ask me to have her tweet about them but she won’t do it”. So she did that on her own. Then we talked to her and she was like “I love you girls. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ and I can’t wait to see you guys so I can play with your hair” and stuff like that.

Kidzworld: Who is the artist that each of you would just love to collaborate on a recording or music video?  

  • Girlz: Probably Big Shawn. We really like Big Shawn, Kanye and Jay-Z. Lots of people but those are our tops right now.

Kidzworld: Do you have plans to tour for the new album (which drops October 2nd)?

  • Beauty: We’ll probably be on tour when the album drops.

Kidzworld: Do you have a message for your fans?

  • Star: We always tell our fans how much we love them for all of the kindness and support and we want to tell them we have a lot coming out. Our album will be out October 2nd and we’re going back on the Scream tour in August, going to the Essence Festival and the BET Pre-show and more.

Wrapping up, here is when and where you can catch the OMG Girlz:

"Text OMG to 79922 to vote "Where The Boys At?" onto the BET 106 & Park countdown. Watch “106 & Park” weekdays at 6PM/5C to see if your pick made the list."

"Where The Boys At?" Video -

BET Pre Show Performance on 7/1

Essence Music Festival Performance on 7/5

Walmart Essence booth signing on 7/6

Album called “Officially Miss Guided” will drop on 10/2

Social network platforms:


Instagram: OMGGirlz


Introducing (O)fficially (M)iss (G)uided




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Who is your favorite memeber?

  • Zonnique "Star" Pullins
  • Bahja "Beauty" Rodriguez
  • Breaunna "Babydoll" Womack
  • All of them!!

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