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Pretty Little Liars: Season 3, Episode 8 :: Stolen Kisses

Aug 01, 2012

This week on Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 8) Emily tries to get to the bottom of the drugged flask and what happened the night at Ali’s graveside. Read Kidzworld's recap of Stolen Kisses which aired July 31, 2012 to discover what you missed!

Mom’s Money

Last week Mona lead the liars to website that was password-protected that may have belonged to Maya, and after trying her best to break in herself Spencer approaches Caleb, just back from visiting his mom, for help. He agrees to help her, even though he broke up with Hanna, he still cares about her and distrusts Mona. She notices that he’s returned lavished with some pricey gifts from his mom including a $400 sweater and a sweet new ride! There seems to be some chemistry there, and right before Toby had stormed in and angrily exploded at Spencer for keeping secrets.

Caleb isn’t the only one whose mother isn’t hurting for cash. When Aria drops by Ezra’s place she meets his mother Diane who invites them both to an art opening where it turns out priceless works of art belonging to Ezra’s family are being displayed. Ezra may have turned his back on his wealthy upbringing, but during the evening his mother still sees fit to tell Aria that she’s ruining her son’s life with their illicit relationship. Surprisingly though it’s her dad, who we all know disapproves of their relationship, that steps up to comfort her at home and reassure her that Ezra is lucky to have her in his life.

Moving Mona

Hanna gets wind of the fact that they’re planning to move Mona to a more secure mental facility in Saratoga from Wren. She asks him to help the board change their mind, but in the end it’s Hanna who accomplishes this herself by issuing a heartfelt plea in person for her former BFF. However we find out that Mona has not been taking her medication, and that one of her many visitors has been smuggling them out for her. Earlier in the episode Hanna sees Caleb at a coffee shop, but he rushes out the door when he realizes that she’s sitting there with Wren, and he has good reason to be suspicious, after Hanna wins over Mona’s doctors she and Wren briefly kiss.

Before the code is broken on the website Spencer and Aria see that Mrs. Hastings has left her work briefcase at home and go snooping through her case notes on Garrett and discover a witness they have never heard of before, Bart. Aria stops by the Rosewood movie theater and discovers that Bart is an employee there who saw Maya get into Garrett’s car the night she was killed.

Passwords and Paige

After talking with Nate Emily realizes that she needs to explain to Paige about the flask and the night she can’t remember, Paige is hesitant but eventually agrees and reveals that the night that Emily blacked out she showed up her house and they kissed, but she has been feeling guilty since finding out that Emily was drugged and that she might have taken advantage, but by the episodes end Emily figures out that she showed up there because she still has feelings for Paige, they kiss and enjoy a romantic swim together.

While Emily is swimming with Paige the liars are trying to call her. Caleb helps Spencer break into Maya’s website and it turns out to be a collection of Maya’s video diaries and thoughts. He leaves and doesn’t watch once he realizes that they’re personal, some of them include happy videos with Emily, but right before they’re about to quit they open one that looks like Maya on the night she died saying that she has to face her fears.

The episode ends with money in a counter, and a girls’ hands working a computer while gloved hands collect the counted money. Jason's money? Ezra's money?We're not sure!

Have Your Say

What do you think Maya was afraid of? Let us know in the comments section below.


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