The X Factor: Season 2, Episode 11:: Bootcamp #5

Oct 18, 2012

This week on The X Factor the contestants are at the judges homes for mentoring and we look back at triumphs and failures so far. Find out more in the Kidzworld Recap of Episode 11, Bootcamp # 5 which aired October 17th, 2012.

Clip Trip

This week on The X Factor fans looking for some answers about everyone who made it through to the final 16 will be a little disappointed, unfortunately due to a 45 miute delay in a baseball game this week's episode of The X Factor got cut short right before we find out who made it through in both Simon and Demi's groups!

The majority of last night's episode took us through the journey of the contestants that made it through to the judge's homes, like how Playback, the Laylas and Lyric145 were formed, and the advice the contestants got while being mentored.

The First Finalists

Luckily we got to find out some of the winners before it all ended from the Teens, the Over 25s and couple of the Young Adults.

  • TEENS (Britney's House): Diamond White, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Arin Ray, Beatrice Miller (Reed Demming, James Tanner are out)
  • THE OVER 25s (L.A.'s House): David Correy, Jason Brock, Tate Stevens, Vino Alan (Daryl Black, Tara Simon are out)
  • YOUNG ADULTS (Demi's House): Jennel Garcia and Willie Jones are in (we'll have to wait til Tuesday for more.)

We'll find out the rest of the finalists moving on to Live Shows on October 23rd! Check out The Lylas audition at Simon's House, we'll see next week if they made it through!

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Who do you think made the final 16? Let us know in the comments section below.



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Midapops wrote:

I liked when they made it in spanish
commented: Wed Jun 05, 2013


Midapops wrote:

idk her name but the girl with the white shirt when they was talking in the back in the...
commented: Wed Jun 05, 2013

awsome this show is asome like the voice american idol
commented: Fri Oct 19, 2012

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