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The Guilt Trip Movie Review

The Guilt Trip Movie Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 18, 2012
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Kidzworld goes on the road with Seth and Barbra for a “Guilt Trip” movie review!

By: Lynn Barker

If you hit the road for eight days with your mom, would it be all fun and games or full of annoying “mom-lessons”? We’re checking out the funny and sweet new Seth Rogen/Barbra Streisand movie, The Guilt Trip.

Barbra and Seth get friendlyBarbra and Seth get friendly

Visiting Mom

After years of boring work for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), chemist/inventor Andy Brewster (Seth Rogen) creates his own green cleaning product and schedules a road trip to pitch the idea to big stores and shopping networks. A short visit to his mom’s place leaves him feeling a bit sorry for her lonely life so… he asks her along. She’s thrilled.

Mom’s Past

Before mom and son leave on the trip, Andy learns that his mom doesn’t date because she might still have feelings for an old love; the guy that got away. He encourages her to do some senior dating but it doesn’t work,. They hit the road with Andy having secretly found mom’s old boyfriend in San Francisco and hoping to reunite them.

Mom (Barbra) fluffs son (Seth's) hair!Mom (Barbra) fluffs son (Seth's) hair!

On the Road

Mom pops a lurid romance novel “book on tape” into the car’s system and Andy has to listen for miles….and miles. Andy pitches his product but mom realizes he’s being too scientific. He needs to simplify his pitch. He ignores her. When mom butts in on one of his pitches, he’s furious so she gets drunk for the first time in a hotel bar. Later, in Texas, she enters a steak-eating contest and finishes a huge meal. Andy is both impressed and grossed out. Mom also meets a cool cowboy guy her age who would like to hook up with her.

Mom picks up a hitchhiker!Mom picks up a hitchhiker!

In Vegas

Mom gambles and watches Andy do another boring pitch, this time to HSN (Home Shopping Network) but he finally gets it, loosens up and takes mom’s advice. He makes his product fun and the HSN folks love it. 

Seth (as Andy) cracks up Home Shopping hostSeth (as Andy) cracks up Home Shopping host

In San Francisco

Mom is upset when she learns that Andy planned to get her together with the old boyfriend but they end up at the man’s house for a sad and not-as-planned reunion. It does give mom some closure and she thanks her son for it.

At the Airport

Ready to take two separate planes home, mom and son are happy and happy with each other. Andy is afraid she will call him on his cell as usual before he even gets out of the airport but mom has other plans now. She calls the cute cowboy she met in Texas!

Mom has a travel coupon!Mom has a travel coupon!

Wrapping Up

You might think that a mom/son comedy pairing popular Seth Rogen (Superbad, Kung Fu Panda movies, Monsters Vs. Aliens, The Green Hornet, Knocked Up) with diva, singer/actress/director Barbra Streisand (too many credits to mention) might be just, well….weird but it’s so not! These two have great comic timing and chemistry together. You can really believe they are mom and son in this funny but also touching and family-friendly movie. (Seth doesn’t curse and doesn’t even use his trademark silly laugh much).

Seth and Barbra at the film's premiereSeth and Barbra at the film's premiere

If your mom has ever embarrassed you (and whose mom hasn’t?), you can get into this film. Maybe your mom or dad might think the son/mom humor is cliché, been-there-done-that but Seth’s corny charm and Barbra’s loving but overbearing mom routine will mostly give you some laughs and entertain and, in serious moments, the duo can touch your heart. Not a perfect film but certainly worth a lighthearted trip to the Cineplex with pals or family.

Since we don’t have a ½ star to go 3 ½, we’ll go 4 stars on this mostly enjoyable film.

The Guilt Trip Movie Review Rating: 4





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