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Top 10 Dance Movies

Apr 16, 2013

If you’re in the mood for a feel-good flick, a dance movie might be just the thing to get your toes tapping and even make your heart skip a beat! Whether you love seeing crazy moves, or just enjoy the romance of it all, there’s something about a dance movie that is irresistible (even if we know how they’re going to end)! Check out the Top 10 Dance Movies!

No.10: Center Stage

Ballet has to be one of the toughest forms of dance out there, and Center Stage is all about knowing when to break the rules and when to fall in line with the chorus as we follow a group of friends through a make-it-orbreak-it ballet academy.

Ballet academy can make your dreams come true or crush you in Center StageBallet academy can make your dreams come true or crush you in Center StageCourtesy of Columbia Pictures

No.9: Shall We Dance

A sweet story about a businessman who secretly takes ballroom dancing lessons, this Japanese film was such a runaway hit that it was made into an American film starring J.Lo and Richard Gere!

A forlorn businessman learns how to tango in Shall We DanceA forlorn businessman learns how to tango in Shall We DanceCourtesy of Miramax

No.8: First Position

A film festival favorite, this documentary about kids and teenagers entering a prestigious ballet competition will make you see the blood, sweat and tears that truly go into being a great ballet dancer.

Michaela DePrince is one of the ballet dancers competing to win in First PositionMichaela DePrince is one of the ballet dancers competing to win in First PositionCourtesy of First Position Films

No.7: Bring it On

Some people might argue that cheerleading isn’t dancing, but this classic teen movie about cheering shows you just how important it is to have the right moves if you want to be on top of the cheerleading pyramid.

Cheerleading requires the grace of dancing and the fitness of sportsCheerleading requires the grace of dancing and the fitness of sportsCourtesy of Universal Pictures

No.6: Save the Last Dance

Hip hop and ballet dancing are worlds apart – or are they? Save the Last Dance is a dance romance that bridges the gap between both worlds.

Julia Stiles goes from formal to freestyle in Save the Last DanceJulia Stiles goes from formal to freestyle in Save the Last DanceCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

No.5: Mad Hot Ballroom

A spicy documentary about 11-year-old New York City Elementary school kids compete in ballroom competitions. If this doesn’t make you want to sign up for salsa lessons, nothing will!

Mad Hot Ballroom follows NY City Elementary studentsMad Hot Ballroom follows NY City Elementary studentsCourtesy of Paramount Classics

No.4: Billy Elliot

A truly feel-good movie, Billy Elliot is about a boy living in an impoverished English town who discovers that instead of loving boxing like his dad wants, his real passion is ballet!

Billy Elliot trades in boxing gloves for ballet slippersBilly Elliot trades in boxing gloves for ballet slippersCourtesy of Universal Focus

No.3: Footloose

Can you imagine living in a world where dancing is forbidden? It would just make you want to dance more, right? Footloose takes place in town where dancing has been outlawed, and it takes some teens with guts to break the rules.

What would you do if dancing was against the law?What would you do if dancing was against the law?Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

No.2: Dirty Dancing

An absolute dance movie classic, one unforgettable summer in the ‘60s at a family holiday resort one girl breaks the class boundary between the paid dancers and the vacationers by taking private lessons – and falling in love (for a good double bill, watch the sequel Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights after!)

Dirty Dancing is a dance movie classic set in the '60sDirty Dancing is a dance movie classic set in the '60sCourtesy of Vestron Pictures

No.1 Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets and Step Up Revolution

It’s too hard to choose between all the Step Up movies, so we decided to tie them for first place on our list!

Bustin' a move in the rain in Step Up 2Bustin' a move in the rain in Step Up 2Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures

Have Your Say

What’s your fave dance movie? Let us know in the comments section below.



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Here are my top 9 worst TV shows I have ever watched. 1. Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig (tie) 2. Marvin Marvin 3.  Pickle and Peanut 4 Fred Figglehorn  5. Annoying Orange 6. Austin and Ally 7. Dog on a Blog 8. The Day My Butt Went Psycho (I'm not Canadian but it doesn't look like a good show) 9. Lab Rats  Basically every show that has a laugh track.  If you are looking for a good show, watch Doctor Who. No laugh tracks, humor is used properly, good storyline, DOESN'T take place in a school ALL OF THE TIME (well, it does in some episodes such as school reunion) The cast isn't full of teenagers and parents won't get so annoyed of the show. It's about a 900 year old time lord (who looks like a human) that travels in a TARDIS. He has 13 regenerations and almost always has a female companion with him. He is the last of his species so he's always lonely on Earth.
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degrassi, degrassi junor high, degrassi next generation, and degrassi the next class 
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Doctor Who, Psych, Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Supernatural, H2O Just Add Water, Mako Mermaids, Lucifer (top fave show since there are new episodes playing), probably more but can't think of any at the moment
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