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Sensu Touchscreen Brush Review

Sensu Touchscreen Brush Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Apr 30, 2013
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

If you love drawing on touchscreen devices (like an iPad) but wish you could make the kind of brushstrokes you get with paint, then youll want to check out the Sensu Artist Brush! Find out more in the Kidzworld Sensu Touchscreen Brush Review!

Sensu Portable Artist Brush and Stylus

Tech blogs and art mags have been buzzing about the Sensu Portable Artist Brush and Stylus, specially designed to work with touchscreen devices - specifically tablets, like an iPad. If you're a budding Picasso who just can't stand the mess and prep work that goes into making a watercolor painting, then the Sensu artist brush may be the perfect solution for you! Both ends of it are usable, one side has a brush threaded through with copper that allows it to interface with most touchscreen art programs, creating strokes exactly like making a real painting, the other side has a rubber-tipped stylus that allows you to draw finer lines.

The Perks

What's in store for you with Sensu? Check out this breakdown of the features:

  • Uses synthetic hair which feels like an artist brush but is infused with copper to make it activate on touchscreens
  • Bristles are flexible, strong and offer resistance – a bit of spring – yielding perfectly to different paint mediums and surfaces
  • The protective cap becomes the handle for the brush when in use or the protective chamber when closed
  • Designed for use with a variety of drawing, painting and music apps
  • Apps deliver high-level art-making with acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, marker and more
  • No batteries or charging required

The Verdict

The Sensu brush is so light and easy to carry that it's perfect for trips - remembering to bring your paints, felts and paper to the airport or on a road trip can be a messy hassle with lots of bits and pieces, but the Sensu brush is a one-stop shop for the artist on the go. Just bring your tablet! The strokes that the brush can make are shockingly similar to painting in real life! Anyone who loves to try their hand at image-making will get a thrill. If you're a natural at touchscreen technology than stylus end of the Sensu isn't quite as exciting, you may even find that it's not a great deal better than using your hand, but many people who love to draw find using their hand to draw on touchscreen devices sort of awkward and this will feel closer to using a pen and paper. At $39.99 The Sensu brush is a great artists' tool that everyone in the family can enjoy. Just check it out on their site here.

The Sensu Brush comes with a protective cap for the bristles and a rubber stylusThe Sensu Brush comes with a protective cap for the bristles and a rubber stylusCourtesy of Sensu

Check out the Sensu Portable Artist Brush and Stylus in this ad for Windows 8 below!

Sensu Touchscreen Brush Rating:4


Have Your Say

Would you try the Sensu Brush? Let us know in the comments section below.



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