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Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference Summary

Jun 12, 2013

Before E3 even started, Microsoft had already announced that they would be talking about their brand new console, the Xbox One. In fact, there was a mini press conference before E3 about the various features of the Xbox One, but not much talk about the games that will be on the system. Thankfully, there was plenty of games to be seen at Microsoft's E3 press conference!

One Big Announcement

The Xbox One will be Microsoft's offering for the next generation of consoles. It will be competing directly with the PlayStation 4, as well as the Wii U. The Xbox One is designed to be an all-in-one entertainment system that also features things such as a Blu-Ray Player and Netflix. Users will be able to upload to Twitch.tv and stream their gameplay from their home console. The Xbox One will also be able to run programs such as Skype and Internet Explorer. It features voice control and support for tablets using SmartGlass.

The Xbox One will ship with an updated version of the Kinect camera, meaning all Xbox One owners will be able to play Kinect games! The new camera will be able to track up to six people at once and you can use its microphone to activate your Xbox One with a voice command even when the system is in sleep mode!

Games Galore

During their E3 press conference, Microsoft showcased a lot of games, including a brand new Metal Gear Solid, Dead Rising, and Halo! The classic fighting game series, Killer Instinct, will also see a new installment on the Xbox One and Xbox Live Gold members will be able to download a demo of the game for free, which lets them do everything in the game, but with only one character. Players who are interested can then go on to buy the full game at the normal price, or just play a small fee to unlock only the characters they want to play. Xbox Live Gold members will also receive free games, such as Assassin's Creed 2, every couple of months.

Have Your Say!

So, what do you think of all this hot news? Share your thoughts and impressions in the comments below!



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Who Won E3 2013?

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