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Summer Training for your School Sports

Jun 18, 2013

The summer is the best for training at your sport. No more school distractions will get in the way of becoming the best athlete you can be. However, the summer can be very distracting if you don't focus. Let's figure out a great summer training program so you can be the #1 star athlete at your school next season.

Summer is the best time to get into sports training because now you've got all the time in the World to do whatever you want to do. No more sitting in a desk all day... you're totally free to go outside and play your game all day, everyday! The best way to get better at your sport is to find a friend that has the same skill level as you in your sport and play that sport with them every day. Competition will help you get to the next level... just make sure you keep it fun and not too serious!

Camp Conditioning

Field Sports FunField Sports FunCourtesy of www.guardian.co.uk

If you really want to get serious, you should look into signing up for a sports camp. Camps are usually full of inspiring instructors that can give you drills and advice to help you improve your technique. Sports camps are also great for finding better competition if you're bored schooling your little brother 1-on-1 every day.

Cross-Training Tips

Cross-TrainingCross-TrainingCourtesy of www.clubcdl.com -

Cross-training is when you use other sports to get better at your sport. For example, if you are a football player, you might want to play some basketball to improve your eye-hand coordination. Playing basketball has a lot more fine-tuning action with a ball and this will help make catching, throwing and handling a football easier. Running is also a great sport to do everyday to improve your cardio for all different types of sports. Here is a quick list of sports that are great cross-training examples:

  • Hockey players: Golfing, Cycling, Rollerblading, Gymnastics
  • Basketball players: Dancing, Tennis, Hiking, Soccer
  • Baseball players: Tennis, Football, Golfing, Ping Pong
  • Football players: Soccer, Rugby, Sprints, Rock Climbing

Break Bad Habits

Summer MudSummer MudCourtesy of www.essentialkids.com.au

The summer is also very easy to let yourself go. With no responsibilites, it is very easy to hit the couch everyday and watch TV and play video games while eating junk food. It's OK to do this once in a while to unwind but if you really want to be a star athlete, stay away from making this a habit. Even if you're all alone, there are ways for you to practice playing your sport. Tennis players can hit a ball against the wall... so can hockey players... soccer players etc. Just make it fun by giving yourself a score for every time you successfully hit the wall, then try to beat that record. That's how you get better!

Have Your Say...

Are you training this summer for a sport? Let us know which one in the comments below.



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