Pokémon TCG: Plasma Blast Expansion Preview

Jul 10, 2013

Pokémon Trading Card Game Players and Collectors, we have good news for you! The newest Pokémon Black & White TCG expansion – Plasma Blast – has been announced! It will be available in your local game stores on August 14, 2013!  Continuing the trend from the past booster sets, each booster pack will contain 10 new cards and each theme deck will contain 60 cards! This set promise new Pokémon, both regular and EX, and many powerful cards that you should not miss out on!

Are you Ready?

Featuring Legendary EX Pokémon with high HP and new attacks, ACE SPEC cards, and Trainer cards, Plasma Blast brings you new cards that will make your existing Trading Card Game deck even more powerful. This set is also coupled with starter-decks for the newer players or those that wants to play a pre-existing deck. If you like the Black and White Pokémon Genesect, then the Mind Wipe starter set is for you.  

Sneak Preview of the EX Cards!

Do you like the Legendary Pokémon Jirachi? Do you remember how useful the previous Jirachi card was? Well there is a new Jirachi EX card in the Plasma Blast expansion. With the ability Stellar Guidance, this Jirachi allows you to search your deck for a Supporter card when you bench this Pokémon! Another notable card is Virizion EX. It has the ability Verdant Wind, removing and keeping off any Special Conditions from any of your Pokémon with any Grass Energy attached to it! These are sure to make a difference in the world of the Trading Card Game!

Have Your Say!

Are you a Pokémon Trading Card Game Player or Collector? Are you excited about the new Pokémon TCG Expansion? Which cards are you waiting for? Comment below to let us know! 



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