So You Think You Can Dance: Season 10, Week 9: The Top 18 Perform/2 Eliminated

Jun 10, 2013

This week on So You Think You Can Dance (Season 10, Week 9), one contestant withdraws from the competition due to injury. Read Kidzworld’s recap of the “The Top 18 Perform/2 Eliminated” which aired on July 9th, 2013, to discover what you missed.

Host Cat Deeley announced two changes to SYTYCD at the start of this episode: the first was Jade's unfortunate injury during rehearsal, forcing him to withdraw from the competition; and the second was the format. Negative feedback from the fans convinced the producers to return the elimination to the end of the show. Now the eliminated contestants don't have to perform with heavy hearts.

Still, they began the show by announcing the bottom 3 guys and the bottom 3 girls. Because of Jade's forfeit, Nigel gave the guys a free pass this week. So only the bottom 3 girls danced for their lives: tap dancer Alexis, jazz dancer Jasmine M., and ballroom dancer Jenna.

The Performances

Amy and Fik-Shun tackled a passionate paso doble routine. Mary was over the moon with their performance. Guest judge Erin Andrews loved their chemistry and passion, calling Amy a beast to be tamed.

Jasmine H. and Aaron drew a Broadway routine about a detective and a dead girl whose spirit appears. Erin thought they translated the story to Broadway beautifully, and she loved how Aaron, who is quite a big guy, danced with such grace.

Makenzie and Paul performed a contemporary piece about a woman with a terminal illness. Guest judge Paula Abdul really believed the story. Nigel said that Makenzie is one of the best technical dancers on the program, but she managed to forget that enough to bring the emotion needed for this routine.

Jasmine M. and Alan took on the roles of royalty to perform a Sean Cheesman jazz number. Nigel enjoyed the quirkiness of the routine, especially Alan's strength in his lifts. 

Jenna and Tucker worked with new choreographers on a saucy hip hop routine. The judges dubbed the style hip-jazz. Mary said that, even though she's a ballroom dancer, Jenna can dance every style. Paula even went as far as calling her a movie star. 

With Jade gone, his partner Malece performed her Sonya Tayeh contemporary routine with all-star Marco. Paula called it the best performance of the night, dubbing Malece poetry in motion. Nigel said that Marco brought out the woman in little Tinkerbell Malece.

Choreographer Jean Marc Genereux challenged Hayley and Curtis with a samba routine. Paula suggested that Curtis, a tapper, be more grounded and not be so afraid to move his partner. Nigel felt that Curtis came off as young and immature in the routine. 

In Alexis and Nico's jazz number, Alexis's character hypnotized Nico so that she could have her way with him. Nigel appreciated how challenging the routine was for Alexis, and Erin was pleasantly surprised after having watched their rehearsal.

New couple Mariah and BluPrint were on home turf with a hip hop routine. Mary thought BluPrint coped well with the choreography, but he had trouble coming alive in the face. Meanwhile, Mariah busted out all the stops. Nigel emphasized to BluPrint that personality wins the competition. Maybe that will light a fire under his boots!


The judges had a tough decision to make this evening. They sent Jenna to safety right away, then gave notes to both Alexis and Jasmine, but ultimately the judges opted to send Jasmine home.

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JennyD wrote:

Don't watch it !
commented: Sat Aug 17, 2013


sofia003 wrote:

its so awsome
commented: Mon Jul 15, 2013


sofia003 wrote:

i like it alot
commented: Mon Jul 15, 2013

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